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3M Daylight Redirecting film is one of the latest innovations to come from a long list of innovative 3M products.





The best thing about natural daylight is that it is free!


3M Daylight Redirecting Film is a simple and cost-effective way to improve the dispersion of natural daylight further into the room, the film can redirect natural light 40 feet into a room and up to 80% of natural light is reflected on to the ceiling.

The benefits of natural daylight are well documented and studies show that natural daylight can shorten patient recovery times, boost retail sales, increase employee productivity and decrease employee absenteeism.

3M Daylight Redirecting Film works by microscopic prisms within the film focusing the sunlight up towards the ceiling, the diffuser film then spreads the sunlight across the ceiling into the room

3M Daylight Redirecting Film can be easily retro-fitted to existing window systems and unlike architectural light shelves the film does not collect dust, requires no maintenance other than normal window cleaning and costs significantly less than architectural light shelves.
Most importantly the film even works when the sun is low, so in the winter months and evenings when the use of artificial lighting is most common. By reducing the time that the lights are on, even for half an hour a day thorough out the year will result in big savings.

By redirecting the natural sunlight further into the room

the need for artificial light is reduced and so is your Carbon Footprint and energy bills.


To make the most of the natural daylight architects design bigger windows to allow more light to reach further into the room, yet the more windows on a building the more direct sunlight enters, which can be uncomfortable for occupants, such as excessive heat and glare.
3M Daylight Redirecting Film can be combined with many other 3M Solar control window films to reduce excessive heat and glare and blend in with the aesthetic look of the building.



  • Utilizes microlouver technology to redirect light to the ceiling
  • Reduces the need of artificial light reducing energy costs, glare and interior fading
  • Simple, in-glass solution does not require maintenance or any obtrusions from the glass or maintenance


 If you have a project that would benefit from 3M Redirecting window film please call as we can simulate the impact on your building.




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