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Floor Graphics

Printed Floor Graphics and Signs

Internal and external floor graphics have been proven to raise brand and product awareness, as well as contributing to increased sales.

The high-impact images are non-slip, durable, quick and easy to apply.

To maximise the use of floor graphics, it is best to create imaginative, innovative and unusual graphics which are specifically designed for applications on the floor.

We can produce floor graphics to be used for both internal and external applications, with a number of specialist materials available.

  • 30 day interior floor graphic film with excellent removable adhesive properties, ideal for short-term promotional applications.

  • Internal floor graphic film offering a 6-12 month durability

  • Short term external pavement graphic film for up to 3 month durability

Logo to floor b4

 Logo to floor 4


Floor graphics continue to be a strong part of the promotional pack for shops and public buildings such as construction markets, large stores, outlet centres, museums, hospitals and libraries. They are also often used on exhibition floors. There is no doubt - floor graphics are here to stay, as they provide an effective means of getting people's attention, be it customers or visitors.

When deciding what film to use for a floor graphic application, it is important to consider the length of term the film will be needed. For example, some will be for long-term use e.g. directional signs in a hospital, whereas, other floor graphics may only be needed for a short limited period e.g. for a seasonal holiday promotion in a supermarket or any other short-term marketing campaign. Here, easy removability could come in as a factor. Also, the degree of traffic that the graphic will be exposed to has to be taken into account. Whatever your specific application needs are, Applied Products can provide you with a product solution to match.


What you can expect...

  All our installers are fully trained
We exceed The GGF Guidelines.
  CSCS cards & PASMA trained


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