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Solar Blinds

Solar Blinds

Solar Blinds encompass all the great features of solar control window film but in a blind system.

Unlike traditional blinds, Solar Blinds allow you to let the natural daylight enter through the glass but filter out the suns heat and glare, Solar Blinds also allow you to achieve one way vision on demand.

Solar Blinds:

  • Reflect heat away from the glass.
  • Reduce heat loss through glass.
  • Reduce glare by 97% therefore increase visual comfort.
  • Reduce fading by cutting out 99% of harmful UV rays.
  • Provide privacy.
  • Provide one-way vision.
  • Wide range of materials to suit all environments.
    • Highly durable: can withstand high humidity, heat and direct sunlight over many years.
  • Ideal for situations where glare reduction is required but still need to be able to look out through the blind i.e. the windows on the bridge of a ship.  
  • Cordless magnetic wand available can help:
    • To prevent injury to children and pets.
    • Prevent unauthorised opening/closing of blinds.
Solar blinds for boats ships

office solar blinds

Ideal for a conservatory that gets too hot in the summer, but when the user relies on the conservatory to heat the rest of the property during winter.

Solar Blinds help reduce up to 92% of the sun's heat that comes through the window by reflecting it away from your building. This can help optimise occupant comfort levels and in turn, increase work productivity.

Demands on air conditioning systems can be dramatically reduced, making valuable energy cost savings through the life of the solar blind.

Solar blinds incorporate the same technology used in window film. The only difference is that the solar blinds are constructed in a way that allows the user to draw the blind up or down when needed.

Solar Blinds combine all of the great features of window film in a system that allows the user to control when they require one way privacy, glare reduction and solar heat control.

Depending on the blind system that you choose the solar blinds can be encased in a cassette with a self clean system that cleans away dust each time the blind is drawn, or the material can be integrated into a vertical blind system which is ideal for larger glass openings.

Unwanted solar gain through glass can cause uncomfortable working temperatures. Research has shown that temperatures in excess of 24 degrees centigrade reduce concentration levels, and mental performance, which could lead to accidents. Regulation 7 of The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations stipulates that all indoor workplaces must have moderate temperatures.

Solar Gain also leads to higher running costs of air conditioning units. In summer, about 20% of the cooling energy load in commercial properties is from reducing unwanted solar heat gain. The reduction in energy costs with solar control film can on average pay for the film in less than 2-3 years. Temperature reductions can be as much as 8 degrees centigrade.

As with most of our blind systems the individual components can be colour coordinated and easily replaced if broken.

Also, the majority of our blind systems can be combined with magnetic anti-ligature systems, or for more information please contact us.


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Want an alternative to blinds? Visit our solar control window film section to find out more.



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