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3M Safety Window Film

3M Safety Window Film

3M Safety Window Films are composed of a transparent and weather stable polyester film with a scratch resistant surface and a strong acrylic adhesive.
They provide protection from injuries to persons, or damage to items caused by the fragments of broken glass. In the case of glass breakage the fragments are retained by the adhesive. This range also protects against graffiti, vandalism and other wear and tear acting as a sacrificial layer.
  • Provides enhanced security

  • Protection against injuries to persons or damage to items caused by fragments of broken glass

  • Abrasion resistant coating to maintain its appearance

  • Resists smash and grab burglaries

  • Rejects UV light, reduces fading to fabrics and furnishings

3M Safety and Security Films have the benefits of 3M's full 10-year Installation Warranty when applied by Applied Products.



3M’s Safety Series is designed for use on the interior surface of windows. They are composed of transparent and weather stable
polyester films, scratch resistant surface and a strong acrylic adhesive. The high tensile strength and elongation at break
properties, increase resistance of the glazing system to impact. The films also significantly reduce the transmission of UVA and UVB rays,
which are the main cause of fading.

S40, S70, S80 and S140 provide an effective protection from injuries to persons or damage to items caused by fragments of
broken glass. In the case of glass breakage, the fragments are held together by strong acrylic adhesives. This provides protection against
trips and falls, forced entry, civil unrest and other impacts, plus graffiti and vandalism as a sacrificial layer.

All Safety Series films are certified impact resistant according to EN 12600 and S140 to EN 356. S40 and S70 were fire tested and
approved for use in trains running in tunnels and underground according to EN 45545 Part 2. All films are rated Class A fire
resistant, according to ASTM E84.



Features (on 6 mm clear glass)
Visible Light Transmission 85-87%
UV rays blocked 98-99%
Film properties
Colour Clear
Material Polyester
Adhesive Pressure sensitive acrylic
Top coating Scratch resistant hard coat
3M Window films are installed using water and a soap solution.
Full adhesion is reached after approximately 20 days at 18°C (in dry
3M Window films may be cleaned 30 days after installation using
ordinary window cleaning agents and avoiding the use of abrasive
particles. Do not use rough sponges, cloths or brushes. Synthetic
sponges, soft wipes or rubber squeegee cleaners are recommended.


 Film Type  Film Thickness Visible light ransmitted

(on clear 6mm glass)

 Tensile Strength and Elongation according to ISO EN 527-3/2/50

Tear Resistance according to ISO
EN 34-1

Abrasion Resistance according to ASTM D1003 and ASTM D1044 Micron (μm) (%) T&S @ Break DW (n/mm2)
   Micron (μm)  (%)  T&S @ Break DW (n/mm2)  Elogation @ Break DW (%)  Tear Resistnce DW


Delta Haze (%)
Safety S40  100  87  >125  >100  >7 <5
Safety S70  175  86 >120  >80  >7 <5
Safety S80  200  86  >100  >50  >7 <5
Safety S140  350  85  >100  >30  >7 <5
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