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Commercial Window Tinting

Applied Products have a wide range of window films that are ideal for commercial properties.

Window Films are cost effective to install because they are applied to existing glazing and solar films can enhance the appearance of any building, reduce solar heat by up to 80% and are available in a range of shades.

They also have a role to play in reducing energy consumption.

Large businesses and public sector organisations now buy allowances to cover their carbon emissions. Solar film reduces cooling load thus helping a wide range of organisations maximise their allowances.

Solar film also has a role to play in helping organisations meet health and safety obligations. Employee working conditions are now highly regulated. Organisations must comply with Regulation 7: that all work places must have moderate temperatures.

This requires temperatures to be maintained at a comfortable 19°C in general offices. Hot weather comfort is recognised as being 24°C or lower, and research shows that working performance can diminish by as much as 30-50% when temperatures rise above 24°C.

When the sun shines, the heat transmitted through the windows can quickly become unbearable. Solar window films reject high levels of solar infrared heat. This means it offers strong protection against bothersome glare, uncomfortable heat, hotspots and uneven temperature fluctuations.





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