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Window Films - Conservatory Film

 Is your conservatory too hot?

Applied Products has a large range of specialist window films that will reduce the buildup of heat and glare, protect fabrics and furnishings by filtering out 99% of harmful UV rays. Therefore, keeping your conservatory comfortable all year round, whilst still allowing in the natural light.




There are two different types of conservatory roof.

  • Glass

  • Polycarbonate

And therefore, there are two different types of film for each. Call for more information, free samples and a no obligation quote from our friendly team of estimators.

  • All too often, the conservatory becomes too hot and uncomfortable to use in the summer months when the sun shines.

  • Glare from the sun makes the room uncomfortable to use.

  • Ultraviolet rays can fade fabrics and furniture.


These can make the use of a conservatory as an additional living space - to be used in comfort all year round - near impossible.

The design of conservatories normally involves large expanses of glass which allow its users to enjoy the benefits of sunshine. However, the large span of glass can also increase the unwanted and sometimes unpleasant effects of excessive heat and glare.

Blinds or Film?

Blinds are the traditional approach taken to deal with heat and glare, but they can be expensive, require periodic cleaning and maintenance, and they can substantially affect the visible light levels within the conservatory. For many people this goes against everything a conservatory stands for - a comfortable space to view the garden and surroundings.

Also, window blinds do little to reduce the heat entering through the glass, as the suns energy has already passed through the glass and heats up the air between the blind and the glass, which is circulated around the room by the means of convection currents, making the conservatory warmer.

There is an alternative...Solar Control Window Film.

Solar control window films present a very cost-effective and unobtrusive solution. They require no maintenance other than normal window cleaning, and they effectively and efficiently address the issues of solar gain, glare and protect against the biggest contributer to fading of fabrics and furnishings… Ultra Violet light. Solar Control Window Films cut out 99% of UV rays, whilst allowing the visible light to pass through.


Heat Reduction

The solar control window film is applied directly to the inside of the glass and the specialist reflective coating reflects the suns energy back out through the glass before it has a chance to enter the building.

Glare Reduction

Window film cuts down the glare passing through the glass, allowing you to watch television or read comfortably, making the conservatory a more usable and pleasant place to spend time.

Ultra Violet Light (UV protection)

Solar control window films cut out 99% of UV light, the main contributer of fading damage to fabrics and furnishings. Applying window film ensures that the contents of your conservatory is protected year round.


Solar Control Window Films:

  • Comes with a comprehensive 10-year manufacture backed warranty.

  • Can be easily cleaned.

  • High Heat reduction

  • High Glare reduction

  • Cuts out 99% of UV rays.

  • Achieve a significantly cooler envronment.

  • Can be removed.

  • Come in a wide range of colours and finishes.

The films come in a variety of finishes: tinted film will subtly transform the appearance of the conservatory; reflective films will give a more dramatic look; or the minimised impact of neutral film will blend into carefully planned designs and colour schemes.

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