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Glare Reduction

Window Films - Anti Glare Tinted Window Films

It’s hard to imagine that in this country solar glare could be an all year round problem, but whether it’s the low winter sun or the dazzling summer sunshine, solar glare can seriously affect visual accuity and comfort.  For example: solar glare could be affecting your employee’s comfort by inhibiting them from seeing their computer screens or maybe you cannot use your conservatory because the brightness prevents you from enjoying the beautiful weather.

The traditional method of reducing glare is to close the blinds, therefore cutting out the light, and yet blinds attract dust, require regular maintenance and can be very expensive to install.

Tinted window film can transform your work or home environment drastically by reducing the solar glare by 95%.

The window film we can supply also incorporates solar control properties, so as well as reducing glare you can also reduce the solar energy (heat) by 80% therefore giving a complete solution to heat and glare problems in your building.

Anti glare window film still allows natural light to pass through the glass unlike blinds that block out all light, so there is no need to turn on the lights and block the natural light.

By applying Tinted window film you are also reducing fading caused by the harmful effects of ultra violet lights on fabric and furnishings. All window films will cut out 99% of ultra violet light, however ultra violet light is not the sole contributor to fading. Special grade anti fading window films can be applied to protect specifically against fading




Tinted Window films can:

Reduce Glare by 95%

Reduce glare therefore increase visual comfort

Reduce Fading

Provide Privacy

Reflect Heat Away from the glass

Maintenance Free

Ideal for awkward shaped glass units


Tinted window film South Wales Bristol London Birmingham antiglare solar film tinted glassone way glass film After Image 351x262



By applying window film you are making a cost effective choice as window film can be installed at a fraction of the cost of window blinds and nearly all products come with a comprehensive 10 year warranty.

Window film is a preferred choice over window blinds as with window film there is no special maintenance required apart from normal cleaning of the glass. The film does not collect dust and flies and will not break as there are no moving parts to be damaged by regular use.

Applied Products' extensive experience and range of products from leading manufacturers such as 3M and Llumar allow us to call on a broad range of films with different finishes and colours, fully backed by manufactures warranty, so to find the solution for your particular problem please call on 01792 895730.


For further information on Anti Glare Tinted Window Films please contact us.




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