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Window Manifestations

These are essentially stickers applied to the glass to indicate that the glass is in fact there and to help avoid collisions from people with the glass.


  • For meeting the legal requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act
  • Help stop people walking into the glass and possibly causing injury.
  • Making you're premises safer
  •  Eye-catching Computer Cut bespoke graphic manifestation
  • Graphics are great to generate sales for your business
  • Draw Attention to Your Busines





  DDA manifestations are a legal requirement required throughout the work place to comply with building regulations. Glazing should be clearly identified with minimal requirements for 2 rows of 50mm dots, squares or bands, located between 85cm - 100cm and at between 140cm - 160cm. Document N (Building Regulations), and…
Decorative Glass Manifestations. Glass Manifestation dots or squares are now essential to satisfy Document N (Building Regulations), and Regulation 14 (Workplace, Health & Safety Regulations).Large sheets of glass are ever more present in office and shopping centres which create a clean, open and modern feel to any building, but they…
    Window film is a versitile material that can be manipulated so as to provide you with the level of privacy that you desire. Applied Products offer a complete design and install service.  Applied Products can fit anything from a simple but effective line design manifestation, to designs that…
   Manifestations are essential to comply with Building Regulations Part N section 2. Yet you are not limited to basic manifestations, why not incorporate your corporate brand into the manifestation design to give added impact to the glass.      

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