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Glass Manifestation - Decorative

Decorative Glass Manifestations.

Glass Manifestation dots or squares are now essential to satisfy Document N (Building Regulations), and Regulation 14 (Workplace, Health & Safety Regulations).
Large sheets of glass are ever more present in office and shopping centres which create a clean, open and modern feel to any building, but they also pose a risk to visually impaired users as well as to visitors unfamiliar with the office layout.

Any business with glass doors or glass partitions has a legal obligation to ensure that they are clearly visible using manifestations to prevent any accidents.

Rather than standard 50mm diameter glass Manifestation dots or squares to comply with the above standards you can also incorporate your company logo to form the repeating pattern.

Or incorporate your company logo or theme onto the glass.

Decorative Manifestations

With Applied Products experience we will ensure that any design that is fitted to the glass, you will comply with all health and safety requirements.

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