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Window film is a versitile material that can be manipulated so as to provide you with the level of privacy that you desire.

Applied Products offer a complete design and install service. 

manifestation band before Manifestation band after

Applied Products can fit anything from a simple but effective line design manifestation, to designs that will turn glass partitions into interesting features of the office.


Privacy and Decorative.

Frosted window film, manifestations, stickers, frosted glass film, opaque glass, etc. What ever you wish to call it, decorative window films can provide a cost effective, flexible, unique and high impact finish to your glass partitions.
By using decorative window films to create feature glass panels you can completely transform the workspace environment.
Privacy and decorative films can be easily removed without damaging the glass if you decide to move premises or to evolve your company brand.

Frosted and decorative window film is the preferred choice as they are a flexible and cost effective alternative to sandblasting.

Applied Products have a wealth of experience in incorporating company identities into designs that will make an impact so you are sure to stand out from the crowd.

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Glass partitions in the office environment are an ever popular feature, but to satisfy the Disability and Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA), manifestation dots with a 50mm diameter and 50mm spaces are the minimum requirement. See our understanding DDA requirements page.

Yet, you are not limited to manifestation dots or squares; you can be as creative as you wish.
Glass partitions offer a blank canvas to architects and office interior specialists to create an inspiring work environment or to showcase a company brand.
Decorative window films are not limited to frosted window films.
Reflective films and full colour prints can be manipulated in a wide variety of ways to match RAL, Pantone and BS numbers to create fantastic additions to the office environment.

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