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Privacy & Decorative Window Film


Window Films - Privacy & Frosting

Window films may be applied to glass to provide privacy.

Types of privacy:

  • One-way vision may be achieved;
  • Complete obscurity of the glass;
  • Partial obscurity of the glass;

All films can be applied to the internal or external surface of the glass.




Example of Types of Privacy Applications

One-way vision privacy is achieved using a reflective material applied to the glass and is available in a range of reflective colours

In this picture a silver reflective window film has been applied to 3 windows of a Reception and Security area to provide one way vision during daylight hours.

Complete obscurity of the glass may be achieved by applying a solid colour vinyl film to the glass. Many colours are available which can match ral numbers, pantone numbers and British Standard paint colours.


Partial Obscurity

Partial obscurity of the glass may be achieved using frosted window films. These still allow light to diffuse through the window film and into the area and are also avilable in a wide range of colours and finishes.

The material may be applied to all or just part of the glass to provide privacy and can be combined to create a unique look and design.

In this picture standard frosted film has been applied to a door in an office building to provide partial privacy to the occupants from people.


Examples of Applications:

Film may be applied to glass to obscure a suspended ceiling or racking visible through the glass, the material may be chosen to match the colour of the window frame.

Film may be applied to glass to obscure a window which has been blocked up from the inside, a reflective material may be chosen or a solid vinyl may be chosen to match the corporate colours of the property.

Materials may be chosen with graphics and pictures or logos printed on to the material providing a visual design, a company logo, floral or greenery, solid shapes - anything is possible.

Window film may be applied to glass partitions, windows, screens, doors or any glass surface to provide privacy for many different situations. For example separating offices from each other, creating privacy on glass screens separating meeting rooms, or create privacy between a restaurant area and a bar area or providing privacy to occupants of a building from passers by. There are many applications too numerous to mention.



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