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Safety & Security

Safety Window Films for glass

Anti-shatter window films are a cost effective solution to bringing existing glazing up to current Building Standards. 

In the article below we will be discussing common questions that our customers ask us in relation to safety glazing. We will try to provide as much information as possible covering the issues that are often raised. Please be aware that the information on this page is a brief summary and should be used for guidance only. If you require any more information please call us to speak to our highly trained and experienced surveyors.




Common questions that we are often asked are:

What are my responsibilities in regards to safety glazing for my building?

If you are responsible for a building and have the responsibility to carry out risk assessments on that building, then you will have to consider the safety glazing within the building by the use of a risk assessment. Within the risk assessment you will need to consider the use of each of the areas within the building.

When annealed glass breaks, it produces razor-sharp shards of glass that can cause terrible injury. Any person responsible for a building should ensure that glazing in major 'Risk areas' is made of a safety material to protect both occupants and visitors.

One solution is the application of Safety & Security Film. These films can hold the glass in place when broken, thus helping to prevent any serious injury and potential liabilities that may follow.

The safety window films are produced with different thicknesses and constructed in different ways to provide many different solutions such as:



  • Upgrade glass to meet health and safety criteria and to ensure glass breaks safelySAFETY BLUE BUBBLE300dpi
  • Increase time and effort taken to gain entry through a window therefore detering an intruder
  • Provide protection from flying glass in the event of an explosion or missile (such as a brick)


Security Window Films for Glass

Safety and security window films can be used to upgrade existing glazing to current Health and Safety legislation, to delay and deter burglary, or to hold glass fragments together in the event of an explosion

3M™ Scotchshield™ Ultra High Performance Security Film

3M Scotchshield Ultra High Performance Security Film is an essential part of a complete security system. The films increased tensile strength, tear and puncture resistance can help to delay and deter 'smash and grab' crime by dramatically increasing the time and effort taken to gain entry through a window.

The majority of theft takes place typically in under 30 seconds. Delaying the thief's entry will increase the chances of a break-in being noticed or even stopped.

3M Scotchshield Ultra Security film can also be combined with a reflective one-way privacy coating to ensure against the security risk of unwanted viewing from outside but still allowing visibility from the inside.

Ultra films have a patented cross-laminated, micro-layer construction, and are therefore up to 44 times more tear resistant than standard polyester films (SH7CLARL) as well as having greater puncture resistance and tensile strength.

3M ULTRA600 performs better in resistance to break, elongation and tear resistance than than standard PET (polyester) films of twice the thickness.

The composition of the 3M Scotchshield Ultra High Performance Safety & Security Window Films allows for the strength of a thicker film in a thinner film meaning ease of application and faster curing times.

Scotchshield Ultra Safety and Security Films have the benefits of 3M's full 10-year Installation Warranty when applied by an approved 3M installer.



Anti-Graffitti Glass Protection Films

These films are designed for both internal and external sacrificial use. They protect from surface damage such as spray painting, felt-tip pen, scratching and gouging.

The film provides a clear protective barrier and is often quicker and less costly to use than repairing or replacing the windows.

This reduces expensive downtime and lost revenue. Major uses are in both retail and transportation with the additional benefit of reduced fading of furniture and fabrics.


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