Applied Products Case Study

Torfaen Sixth Form Learning Centre

Location: Cwmbran, Torfaen

Sector: Commercial – Education

Products Applied: Graphics, signage, and DDA manifestations.

We consider ourselves privileged to have supplied our premium products to the impressive Torfaen Sixth Form Learning Centre. This purpose-built facility, with its £24 million investment, has replaced three 6th forms and boasts a wide range of courses and specialised teaching facilities. We take great pride in having contributed to the overall look and finish of this remarkable institution by providing printed graphics, window blinds, and frosted manifestations.

Our frosted manifestations served multiple purposes, each carefully tailored to meet specific needs and regulatory requirements. Not only did they comply with DDA regulations, but they also ensured privacy between rooms and corridors while preventing upskirting on balustrades and staircases. Our designs were thoughtfully crafted to fulfil these essential functions.

To add a touch of sophistication and control over natural light, we installed our high-quality window blinds. These blinds seamlessly blended with the interior design, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal throughout the learning centre.

Our printed graphics played a vital role in wayfinding and creating a vibrant atmosphere within the facility. Through close collaboration with the client, we designed visually striking signage that aids navigation for both visually impaired individuals and the wider community.

At Applied Products, we take immense pride in enhancing learning spaces. Our range of products, including printed graphics, window blinds, and frosted manifestations, not only fulfill requirements but also exceed them with exceptional quality and innovative design. Torfaen Sixth Form Learning Centre stands as a testament to our dedication because with #APontheJob, we believe in creating inclusive and inspiring educational environments that truly make a positive impact.

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