4 reasons why you should be using Antimicrobial Surface Protection Film

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As the world becomes more aware of risks and regulations surrounding the spread of infectious diseases, there is a growing demand for antimicrobial surface protection. With smart self-adhesive films forming part of this new wave, here are 4 reasons why you should consider using them in your business.

1) Antimicrobial Films Protect Against Infection

An obvious reason to use antimicrobial films is to protect against infection! The surfaces within any given business can be riddled with all sorts of nasty bacteria which may cause infection if left unchecked. And according to a recent study, 87% of businesses do not disinfect surfaces or products on a regular basis!

To prevent the spread of infection from being a risk in your business, you should cover all high-traffic surfaces (e.g. handles, screens, light switches, desks etc) with a clear microbial film such as BioSilver. Smart antimicrobial films form an effective barrier against infection by preventing microbes from being able to attach to the surface in the first place. Not only that but they are also designed to kill 99% of common bacteria within 24 hours – which is equivalent to any hospital’s standards!

Find out more about BioSilver Film here: BioSilver Film: Preventing the spread of infection from surface

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2. It is safer than regular disinfectant

Numerous studies have shown that regular use of disinfectants in the workplace can cause detrimental health effects. The biggest being a 25%-38% increased risk of developing COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).

With antimicrobial protection film such as Applied Biosilver Film, a less vigorous cleaning regime is needed. The result is a more successful long-term hygiene strategy with fewer associated risks.

3. It reassures your customers and staff

The Covid-19 pandemic has made everyone incredibly aware of hygiene and safety, so naturally, you are going to need to address these concerns if you want to build trust and confidence in your business.

Since sanitation standards (and expectations) are as high as they’ve ever been, regardless of the type of business you run, protecting your surfaces is an easy way to put these concerns at ease. Making hygiene a priority is going to be an important marketing tool for businesses moving forward. You will need to market the measures you’ve put in place to build consumer confidence so that you don’t lose out on business!

4. They are a cost-effective solution for your business

Antimicrobial surface protection is a growing solution to help reduce the risk of infection and antimicrobial resistance. Why? Because it’s effective in doing so AND it’s cost-effective. Not only do protective films such as BioSilver cost a lot less than post-pandemic cleaning regimes, but they also last up to 5 years!

Businesses that are running post-Covid will have to have a stringent and daily sanitizing regime for their surfaces. With BioSilver film, you don’t have to clean as often, yet you benefit from complete protection and you save money in the process.

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A smart solution for protection against infection

Antimicrobial surface protection is a necessary and inexpensive way to safeguard your business from infection. The less invasive cleaning regime means staff members are not in contact with hazardous chemicals for prolonged periods of time, and the reassurance they provide your customers is worth the cost!

BioSilver film is easy to apply, easy to maintain, and it lasts for up to 5 years! Get in touch with us now to find out more about how you can benefit from this product.


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