Applied Products Case Study

Singleton Hospital

Location: Swansea

Sector: Commercial – Healthcare

Products Applied: Printed graphics

Applied Products, in collaboration with the Kier Group, had the honour of contributing to a community project aimed at enhancing the environment of Ward 9 at Singleton Hospital. Recognising the need for a warm and welcoming atmosphere, due to the type of patients and the nature of the treatment provided on this ward, our aim was to create a space that exuded comfort and tranquillity.

The project focused on two key areas: the entrance to the ward and the treatment rooms. For the entrance, we designed a graphic that depicted a serene forest scene. The imagery, featuring sunlight streaming through the trees with soft purple and white flowers, was intended to evoke feelings of calm and comfort as the ward welcomes patients and their families. For the treatment rooms, there was a need for privacy, so without compromising on aesthetics, we drew inspiration from the entrance graphic and designed a frosted privacy graphic for the windows that maintained the overall tranquillity of the ward.

The execution of the project was efficient, taking just one day from manufacturing to installation by two skilled professionals. However, the impact of the renovation will be long-lasting. We feel incredibly privileged to have worked with the Kier Group and hospital staff at Singleton to enhance the patient experience at Ward 9, and we remain committed to supporting such meaningful community initiatives in the future.


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