A school hallway

Survey For Schools: Regulation 14

Whether you’re working from home, visiting the hospital, or sitting in school – health and safety regulations are working hard to keep you safe. Yet whilst we all appreciate the importance of health and safety legislation, few of us actually

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cracked glass

Do Your Windows Meet Health And Safety Standards?

Glass safety is a serious matter. Why? Because without it, you’re vulnerable to injury, accidental damage and even vandalism. But how do you know if your windows meet the health and safety standards? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

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An xray image to symbolise the topic of the blog which is preventing workplace accidents

3 Simple Steps to Preventing Workplace Accidents

While accidents in the workplace are common, most are preventable. We’ve said this countless times in our other blogs on minimising slips, trips, and falls, and that’s because it’s so true. Even at a time such as now, where the

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