The Unexpected Benefits of Energy Efficiency When Using Window Film

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Over the past decade, there have been serious efforts being made to ‘be green’ when it comes to energy efficiency.

At first, a few organisations and companies began to make efforts to reduce their energy usage and therefore their utility bills; fast forward just a couple of years, however, and almost every company has followed suit, some with multiple energy-efficiency projects on the go at once.

Obviously, these changes are great news for the environment and for non-renewable energy, but there are other reasons why so many organisations are working to become more energy efficient. Using window film as an example, here are the unexpected (but very valuable!) benefits of energy efficiency.

4 unexpected benefits of being energy efficient

Although installing window film can seem like such a small and insignificant change to a company, it does result in massive changes when it comes to energy management. This then results in even more benefits such as:

1. Improved retention rates

Window film works with existing glazing to prevent heat coming through windows in the Summer months and heat loss during the Winter. Not only does this create a constant ideal internal temperature but it also results in consistent natural lighting too.

By simply making the work environment more comfortable, window film has been shown to improve employee satisfaction and productivity. With more satisfied and engaged employees, turnover rates tend to lower as retention rates increase.

2. Reduced maintenance and operational costs

Heat, glare and harmful UV rays are all elements that are reduced by the installation of window film. Heat and UV rays especially are major contributors to the fading of furnishings and the damage of equipment.

By installing window film, the internal temperature stays consistent and fewer equipment is damaged by the sun. The fact that equipment stays in better condition for longer means less maintenance and lower labour costs. This together with a reduction in the need for temperature control is why ‘green buildings’ cost approximately 20% less to operate.

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3. More money to invest

With all the money saved on temperature control, maintenance and labour costs, and employee turnover, companies can invest this into different energy-efficiency projects or other initiatives that will help grow the business.

For example, installing window film may cost a certain amount of investment at first but the money saved could be put towards new technology, equipment upgrades, staff training or anything that will be valuable for the growth of the business.

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4. Reduced risk

Because energy is a commodity, prices can vary based on supply and demand. When energy-efficiency measures such as window film are put into place, energy can become a smaller part of an organisation’s operational budget.

This offers a great benefit for the organisation as now, they are less likely to be negatively impacted by energy price spikes. The less energy the building uses, the more an organisation will be protected from cost fluctuations so the risk is a lot lower than before.

Install window film now and benefit from being energy efficient!

Energy management leads to far more benefits than just being energy efficient. If an organisation invests in measures such as window film, they can benefit from productive and engaged employees that stay with the company for longer, more money to put to valuable use as well as a much more consistent cash flow when it comes to energy usage.

What’s even better is that some of these benefits occur immediately after installation!

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