4 Organisations That Will Benefit from Using Window Film

What we may consider to be minor problems can cause further problems over time, and this is a real issue for many organisations. For example, the sun that streams through the windows of your office may not seem like such a big deal at the time. However, the hotter it gets, the more uncomfortable workers get and therefore their productivity suffers. The heat build-up can also lead to more serious problems such as the exacerbation of medical conditions such as asthma.

So what is the solution?

3M Prestige Window Film

Many organisations have their own specific issues that they don’t realise can be easily solved with window film. It may seem surprising, such a simple solution, yet all these different organisations and their variety of issues can all be solved by this one product!

There are many different types of window film in the 3M Prestige series, depending on the needs of the user, but each film provides benefits that would be invaluable to many organisations.

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Advantages of 3M Prestige Window Film

  • Rejects UV light – reduces fading to fabrics and furnishings
  • Low reflection – reduces glare on screens
  • Reduces solar heat gain – reduces the need for air conditioning
  • Allows the management of energy costs
  • Improves occupant comfort
  • The product is light and transparent unlike cheaper, tinted mirror versions

Organisations That Can Benefit from 3M Prestige Window Film

1. Schools & Universities

3M Prestige Window film can help create comfortable and therefore productive work environments for pupils and students. This is particularly important in Summer and during exam season if rooms have large or many windows. As well as comfort, window film can help reduce energy costs and minimise the need for air conditioning during the hotter months.

University building

2. Offices

Many workers suffer in offices that have windows due to the sun streaming through, as this can cause glare on computer screens and an intolerable build up of heat. This can seriously impact the health of workers which may lead to more employees taking sick days when this could be avoided. 3M Prestige Window Film not only satisfies your duty of care to your employees in terms of health and safety but it will also allow you to put more money back into your business by helping you manage your climate and save on energy costs.

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an office space

3. Retail Stores

Any shop that has windows or window displays and who needs to regulate the temperature of their environment would benefit from using window film. As mentioned above, 3M Prestige Window Film reduces UV rays that would otherwise fade clothes or furniture that are in a shop’s window displays, so something as simple as this film could give your products more long-term protection, saving you money and reducing waste. Even cake shops, bakeries, and cafes could benefit from installing window film, as the reduction of heat passing through the windows would mean that the food would take longer to spoil.

a dress shop window

4. The Self-Employed

For all the same reasons above, self-employed people can also reap the rewards of using 3M Prestige Window Film. If you have a home office, the film can help reduce glare on your computer as well as reducing fading of any domestic furniture or expensive fittings. The benefits aren’t just limited to your office either! Fit them in other rooms such as the conservatory, and you can use these rooms all year long with furniture that will last a whole lot longer.

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