The Best Way to Reduce Heat And Glare In Your Conservatory

Reduces heat and glare

Nothing is worse than getting that brand new conservatory that you’ve always wanted and when summer comes around, you can’t use it! If you have a conservatory or have worked in an office with big windows, then you know exactly what we mean.

When the sun is beating down on your windows, people suffer with:

  • Intolerable Heat
  • Uncomfortable Glare
  • Faded Fabrics and Furniture

All of which prevent you from using your conservatory in the summer months, the time when you want to use it most! So what is the solution? Is there even anything that can help regulate the interior temperature, whilst also reducing glare and fading?

In short – YES!

We Have the Solution: Solar Control Window Film!

Fret no more! Solar Control Window Film can be applied to the glass on your conservatory roof to reduce the buildup of heat, reduce glare, and protect your fabrics from harmful UV rays. Perfect right! Now you can use your conservatory at times of the day and year that you wouldn’t have been able to before.

How it works

No, it’s not magic! Specifically designed to address these issues, Solar Control Window Film has a specialist reflective coating, which when applied to polycarbonate or glass roofs, prevents the steady build-up of heat throughout the day by reflecting the suns heat away before it can be transmitted inside. The film also filters out 99% of UV light, protecting your conservatory contents from fading and your eyes from the unrelenting glare of the sun. Now you can watch television or read comfortably and spend your time in a much more pleasant (and cool) space!

Close up of window film


As well as solving these three major issues, Solar Control Window Film also offers additional benefits for you and your conservatory:

  • Winter Insulation – just as the film reflects the sun away, it also reflects the heat inside, offering great insulation in the winter months and keeping you warm!
  • Inexpensive – as this film is more effective than alternatives, the investment is more than worth it!
  • Quick and Easy Installation – suitable for all types of roofs as well as internal or external installation, Solar Control Film is very simple to install!
  • No Maintenance – when professionally installed, Solar Control Film will carry a manufacturer’s warranty for 10 years and requires no additional maintenance!
  • Pleasing Appearance – you can choose your Solar Control Film from a variety of finishes; tinted film will subtly transform the appearance of the conservatory, reflective films give a more dramatic look, or neutral film blends carefully into the design and colour scheme you already have.

The Best Option to Reduce Heat and Glare in Your Conservatory

Often when people think of how to reduce heat in their home, they turn to blinds. However, compared to film, blinds are more expensive, require regular cleaning and maintenance, and can have a substantial effect on the natural lighting in your home. Plus, in actual fact, blinds in conservatories tend to actually make them warmer, as the sun heats up the air between the blind and the glass, and this then circulates around the room. While this may be suitable for other rooms in the house, the conservatory should be a place that is cool, and as open and light as possible!

When spending thousands of pounds on a beautiful new conservatory, you want to be able to use it as much as possible to relax in and admire your garden views. With Solar Control Window Film, you can do just that! Not only does the film go unnoticed once it has been installed, but it also ensures that your conservatory stays much cooler and more comfortable all year around.

Make the most of your conservatory with window film!

If you need any help or advice for what types of window films are best for your conservatory, don’t hesitate to get in touch; we’d love to help! Applied Products has a large range of specialist window films, so we can help you transform your conservatory into a comfortable and relaxing space.

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