3 Simple Steps to Preventing Workplace Accidents

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While accidents in the workplace are common, most are preventable. We’ve said this countless times in our other blogs on minimising slips, trips, and falls, and that’s because it’s so true. Even at a time such as now, where the days are darker for longer and the wet weather makes every surface slippery. Even now, most accidents are preventable. To help you minimise any slips or falls throughout the whole year, not just winter, here are just 3 steps to preventing workplace accidents.

1. Educate your staff

Every employer has a legal responsibility to protect their employees, but it is every employee’s responsibility to maintain safety practices too! Safety should be everybody’s priority, so you will need to educate your staff to help them be alert and cautious of any potential causes of accidents.

First, you need to display safety signage and guidelines throughout the workplace. Make them visible and easy to read.

Then, you need to have regular safety training to ensure that all employees are up-to-date and are aware of any changes to procedures. It’s always good practice to go over the most common areas where accidents occur (e.g. floors that are wet or have been recently polished, areas with loose carpeting or mats, walking surfaces that are uneven or sloped such as ramps, steps and fire escapes and all outside areas)

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2. Implement safety measures

Now that staff are aware of potential accidents and you have safety signage displayed in any ‘at risk’ areas, you now need to put the necessary safety measures in place. While it is good practice to educate your employees about slips and falls, it is these safety measures that are the most-effective in preventing workplace accidents.

To minimise and prevent injury, invest in these following anti-slip products:

  1. GRP slip-resistant materials – glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) anti-slip flooring sheets can be applied to hazardous floors, steps, ramps, platforms and walkways etc. Ideal for use in any high traffic area, the material can be applied quickly and with limited disruption. As well as minimising the risk of slips and falls, this cost-effective and long-lasting solution is also available in a range of colours and grit grades to suit any location.
  2. Anti-slip tape – slip-resistant tapes can be applied to clean, dry surfaces both inside and outside. Due to its durability and water-resistant nature, this product is best suited for added protection on steps and walkways (particularly in the industrial and construction areas as they are exposed to constant coverage of dirt and water). Much like GRP materials, anti-slip tape is easily and quickly applied whilst also being long-lasting and easy to clean.
  3. Anti-slip paint – you might not think that paint can have anti-slip properties, but you’d be surprised. Best for heavy wear areas, anti-slip paint can act as a tough and hard-wearing floor finish. If you apply two coats in one day, this fast-drying and long-lasting product is not only a solution for preventing workplace accidents…it will also save you in recoating costs too.
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For more information about our anti-slip products, what they do, and the benefits they offer, check them out here.

3. Enforce and review

The final step in preventing workplace accidents is really just about staying on top of safety. Here are a few ways of doing just that:

  1. Make sure to keep a tidy and well-organised working environment – this will reduce the likelihood of accidents.
  2. Enforce safety rules and procedures and consider running safety training for employees annually.
  3. Make a habit of checking all of your safety measures every quarter to ensure that everything is working as it should. If it isn’t, you can identify this risk early on and replace the measure to ensure maximum safety.

Ensuring that your workplace is organised at all times, having employees aware of the risks, and reviewing your health and safety regularly, all go a long way in preventing workplace accidents.

Always prioritise safety

Accidents do happen and hazards can crop up at any time, but you can prevent a lot of them; especially if you are taking these three steps and are reviewing them regularly! To protect your employees and your business this winter (and all year round), make safety your priority and put these safety measures in place.

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If you need any help or advice about anti-slip measures, don’t hesitate to get in touch; we’d love to help! Applied Products can help you abide by health and safety legislation and keep you and your employees safe.

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