The Ultimate Way to Protect the Weakest Part of Your Business

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What’s the weakest part of your business?

The most vulnerable part of any business (if operating out of a commercial building) is their glass windows and doors. This isn’t a surprise when you think about it really, as the glass can just be broken, but this is something that many business owners still don’t reinforce. While CCTV and alarm systems are essential to security, your glass windows and doors are still vulnerable entryways so they need to be protected.

This is especially crucial for the situation that we find ourselves in now – hundreds of thousands of businesses are empty and the streets are quiet. Normally, the flurry of people and a business in full operation is enough to deter most crime, but with so many empty properties, this is quite tempting for an opportunistic criminal. All they have to do is break a window and they can be in and out in no time, yet causing a big cost and potentially irreparable damage to you and your business.

So, at a time where you need to the most, what is the best way to protect the weakest part of your business?

Essential safety and security window films

Window film is the most cost-effective way to protect your windows and doors. Not only does it upgrade your existing glazing, but it also brings with it additional benefits that last throughout the year too!

Here are some of the main types of window film that will be very effective in protecting your empty premises now.

1. One-way vision film

Best for: securing sites and stock protection as it creates a reflective surface on the exterior of the windows. This one-way vision means you can still see out but people can’t see in.

During the Coronavirus crisis, one-way vision window film would be the best option to protect the weakest part of your business. Not only will it prevent potential criminals from seeing into your property, but it can also be fitted to the outside of your windows. This means that we can install this security measure for you without you having to be there at all!

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Additional benefits: 

  • Glare reduction
  • UV protection
  • Temperature control
  • Energy savings

See: 3M™ Silver Series window film


2. Anti-vandal film

Best for: delaying entry into your property.

While anti-vandal window film may not deter crime, if in the event that vandals are attempting to break the glass in your windows and doors, the film will hold the glass together in the frame to prevent it from shattering. The aim of this security measure is to prevent criminals from gaining access and to hold the glass together until it can be replaced.

Additional benefits:

  • Can deter crime as it is also available in tinted or one-way vision.
  • It will virtually guarantee against injury from shattered glass to anyone inside the premises.
  • Glare reduction & UV protection.
  • Temperature control & energy savings.

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See: 3M™ Safety Series, 3M™ Security Series, and 3M™ Ultra Series window film


3. Anti-graffiti film

Best for: protecting glass against damage caused by graffiti, scratching and etching.

Anti-graffiti window film protects your glass from damage caused by vandalism. Replacing a vandalised window can easily cost as much as 20 times that of replacing a prudently applied Anti Graffiti Film from the same glass and with far less disruption. The film protects the glass and can be easily removed leaving clear undamaged glass underneath.

Additional benefits:

  • Glare reduction
  • UV protection
  • Temperature control
  • Energy savings

See: 3M™ Scotchgard Series window film


Protect the weakest part of your business

Your glass windows and doors are the vulnerable entryways to your business so don’t forget to reinforce their security. Window film is an incredibly cost-effective way to protect this vulnerability, so consider this investment as one that is more than worth it.

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As part of helping businesses make it through this difficult time, Applied Product’s is partnering with other local South Wales businesses to provide security to businesses at risk. If you or someone you know is struggling at this time, please contact us; we can help to ease the pressure.

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