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Improve your patient and visitor experience, build community and empower your staff with dynamic and engaging signage.

Healthcare establishments have a variety of audiences to communicate with for different purposes, therefore it is essential that they have a well-planned sign strategy to ensure the smooth operation of the healthcare facility. From informing people of visiting hours in your lobby and upcoming classes for outpatients to policy reminders for your staff, establishments need to make sure that they have both temporary and long-term signage that is sharing relevant information in a timely fashion.

Due to a high level of foot traffic coming in and out of the establishment daily, healthcare establishments aim to inform visitors of essential information and direct them so that they can easily navigate the premises, as well as creating a stress-free environment with their signage.

Types of signage that an establishment needs include:

  • External Signs (directional and customer information)
  • Entrance Signs (one for every entrance, as well as reception signs)
  • Facilities signs (toilets, fire exits, waiting rooms etc)
  • Directional signs (including department signs)
  • Informative signs (fire escape routes, floor plans etc)
  • Wall Murals Aesthetic Signs (used in wards, especially children and dementia friendly wards to make them less clinical)

Whether you are looking for a traditional or more modern design-led solution, Applied Products can help you with every aspect from sizes, types and colours to products and planning a whole sign strategy for your establishment.

The benefits of working with us at Applied Products:

  • We work with you to provide the best advice for your establishment and needs.
  • We have a passion for inspirational sign design and aim to enhance establishments and their landscapes to encourage communication with staff, patients and visitors.
  • We provide sign solutions that are made to your specification.
  • All of our signs are Dementia friendly and DDA compliant.
  • We can help you build a trustworthy reputation and brand through an effective sign strategy.

Put simply, we can help you attract your audience with bright, dynamic digital signage, allowing you to communicate effectively, post real-time updates, and to improve your visitor experience whilst also reducing paper, waste and printing costs!

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