Vertical Blinds

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Vertical Blinds

These are an ideal solution to cover large windows and sliding glass doors.  Applied Products offers multiple operation options such as chain control, wand tilt, right, left draw and centre draw allowing more control of your privacy and view.

Vertical blinds also have the ability to rotate 180 degrees allowing you to control the level of light entering the room and therefore the required amount of privacy.

Vertical Blinds:

  • Different headrail profiles available; 40mm x 25mm and 45mm x 36.5mm
  • Louvres in 127mm and 89mm width
  • Tilt control by metal/cord chain and cord draw operation. Also available with automatic switching from tilt to traverse via one mechanism or electric control
  • Cordless magnetic wand available can help:
    • To prevent injury to children and pets.
    • Prevent unauthorised opening/closing of blinds.
  • Robust, long lasting and simple to operate
  • Choose from single or split draw
  • Flame retardant materials available
  • Sewn in weights to prevent warping or wrinkling
  • Colour coordinated components
  • Magnetic and anti-ligature systems

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