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Make safety your number one priority with high-quality health and safety signage.

Whatever your establishment – school, hospital, office, hotel, shopping centre, construction site etc – you can be sure that you will have potential hazards in and around your premises that you will need to highlight to the public to keep people safe.

From warning of potential hazards, and restricting access to informing people of the nearest emergency exit or fire equipment, every organisation needs to be communicating clear and unambiguous health and safety messages by using internationally recognised symbols. This ensures that they can be easily understood by all, even when English is not their first language.

Types of signage that establishments need include:

  • Prohibition Signs – to prohibit actions that may be detrimental to safety, e.g. no smoking.
  • Warning Signs – to warn of potential risks, e.g. a low ceiling or steep steps.
  • Mandatory Signs – to instruct actions or activities that will ensure safety, e.g. wear safety goggles.
  • Safe Condition Signs – to indicate exit routes in the event of a fire or emergency.
  • Fire Equipment Signs – to indicate the location of fire equipment in the event of a fire.
  • Supplementary Information Signs – to give further clarity to safety signs.

Whether you are looking for a traditional or more modern design-led solution, Applied Products can help you with every aspect from sizes, types and colours to products and planning a whole sign strategy for your establishment.

The benefits of working with us at Applied Products:

  • We visit your premises and work with you to provide the best advice for your establishment and needs.
  • We have a passion for inspirational sign design and aim to enhance institutions and their landscapes to ensure effective communication.
  • We provide sign solutions that are made to your specification.
  • All of our signs are Dementia friendly and DDA compliant.
  • All of our signs will ensure that you comply with European Normative BS EN ISO 7010, which was written into European law in 2013. This is the standardisation of all symbols so that they are internationally recognised by all European member states.

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