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Are you making the safety and comfort of students your top priority? If not, why not?

It´s a hard balance to strike, getting the best resources for student safety without breaking the bank, but it is possible.

It´s even possible to find cheaper solutions that aren´t substandard products! You just need to know where to look and what´s available.

From increasing privacy and comfort to safety and aesthetics, we can provide simple, cost-effective solutions that last. Find out more below and get in touch!

Window Films and Blinds

Designed to control how much light enters a classroom and to prevent people outside from being able to see in, window films and blinds are effective products when it comes to increasing privacy and student comfort.

Increase privacy

One-way vision window film protects pupils and assets and also limits distractions.

Reduce energy costs

Window films reduce the need for heating and A/C by keeping the heat out during the summer and the heat in during winter.

Improve comfort

The glare of the sun can cause discomfort and reduce productivity, especially when it comes to focusing on screens and whiteboards.

Solve multiple problems

Whether window film or blinds, you can choose from a wide-range of problems that provide multiple functions.

Signage & Graphics

Designed to make your school bold and engaging, while allowing people to move about easily, signage and graphics are key to improving the personal experience of people who enter the premises.

Help people navigate easily

A well-thought signage strategy is needed to improve wayfinding and to communicate important information.

A professional look

Internal and external signage needs to be professional and on-brand, as first impressions count.

Motivate and inspire your pupils

You can use graphics to give pupils an inspiring and unique atmosphere to learn. One where they feel a part of the community.

Health and Safety

Designed to put the safety of your people at the forefront, our health and safety products will ensure the safety of your staff and pupils on a day to day basis, including anyone else who enters the premises.

Identify your weaknesses

We can carry out a glazing survey to record all areas of glass in your building and identify areas of risk. This is recorded in a comprehensive report to allow you to implement and keep track of corrective actions.

Comply with glass safety

Our manifestations and safety glass markers help to highlight the presence of glass, but they are decorative and on-brand too!

Reinforce your weaknesses

Window film upgrades your existing glazing to meet health and safety standards. It also helps protect your windows against damage from vandalism and attempted break-ins.

Reduce injuries and falls

We have many safety products to help you keep building users safe, such as antislip materials (internal and external) for steps, ramps and walkways to reduce accidents and also fingerguards for doors.

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With the safety of hundreds of students and staff in your hands, don’t risk thinking that certain threats or accidents will never happen.

You’re shaping the minds of tomorrow so make sure that you protect them today.

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