Glazing Surveys and Regulation 14

Every school needs to be aware of Regulation 14 and the consequences it can have on your school. It’s a big part of health and safety, so it’s important to get it right!

We offer Regulation 14 support for your school, and we can do a survey to assist you. Let’s look at what our team can do for you.

Understanding Regulation 14

Regulation 14 simply states that;

  • “Every window or other transparent or translucent surface in a wall or partition and every transparent or translucent surface in a door or gate shall, where necessary, for reasons of health and safety: 
  • be of safety material or be protected against breakage of the transparent or translucent material;
  • be appropriately marked or incorporate features so as, in either case, to make it apparent.”

Essentially, this means that any transparent materials on school grounds need to be marked to make sure students can see them at a distance and remove the risk of collision or injury. In addition, if that material does break then it should break safely.

Why is Regulation 14 important For Schools?

In 1975, the Health and Safety at Work Act required all employers who have control over their workplaces to ensure the health and safety of all occupants and take reasonable precautions to do so. Ultimately, it means that if the glazing in a building is some type of risk to the pupils, then you need to take action to prevent this.

In 1993, Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 came into force. Regulation 14 is one of these which includes explicit requirements for glazing and applies to all public buildings, including schools.

Normally, the responsibility for complying with these regulations would fall to the building owner or employer. However, if the school is a publicly owned premise, then it may be the responsibility of the local authority.

How Does Regulation 14 Affect Your School?

It’s very possible that your school will have decorations and glazing that is used as part of a walkway or at the edge of the floor. If this happens, then these barriers need to be clearly marked to protect students from the risk of harm.

Your windows also have to be clearly visible and made from either an appropriate safety material or window film. Every part of the building, regardless of where it is, must follow these regulations if glazing is involved.

We Offer a Regulation 14 Survey

The purpose of the Regulation 14 survey for schools is to assess your glazing and ensure it meets the correct safety standards. The best way you can accomplish this is to work with us to have your assessment conducted and professional support given.

During the assessment, we take a look at your entire premises. We identify high-risk areas and then decide whether or not they meet regulation standards. If they do, then you have successfully passed the survey for schools, but if not, we can provide you with cost-effective, simple solutions for dealing with the problem.

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Offering Window Films to Help You

If your building does not pass the regulation survey, then we offer window films as a way of correcting that. The good thing about using window film is that it is cost-effective but easy to install. It will also help you to uphold regulations without having to pay for entirely new windows or glazing.

The great thing about window film is that it can be applied quickly and professionally. It also serves as an additional layer that helps to shield the building from damage or the prospect of vandalism.

There are quite a few benefits to installing window film. We have done our best to make it accessible for everybody.

Your building will benefit from better insulation, reduced glare from the sun, better temperature, protection from UVA rays, increased privacy and reduced interior damage from the sunshine over time.

Here to Help

Our Regulation 14 survey has been used by schools across the country. It is an effective way to ensure that you stay compliant with the ever-changing demands being put on schools by the government. Speak to us today and find out more about what we can do for you. A team member would be happy to discuss your needs and arrange for a survey to be conducted at your school.

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