Don’t let the sun dictate your comfort. Take charge with our residential and commercial window film.

Windows are an important part of any home or business. Not only do they bring in natural light and offer views out into the world, but they also play a major role in regulating heat and energy use. Windows can cause a host of problems:
  • Heat loss in Winter
  • Heat build-up in Summer
  • Excessive, blinding glare
  • High energy costs trying to maintain a comfotable temperature
  • Destructive UV damage
However, with Solar Control Window Films from Applied Products, all of these problems will be no more! By applying these films to your existing glazing system, you now get the best of both worlds.
Our Anti Glare and Heat Reducing Window Films allow you to:
  • Create a comfortable and productive environment
  • Let natural daylight flood in without the sun’s harsh glare
  • Reduce your energy costs while maintaining a comfortable temperature
  • Work on your computer, watch TV, or read on your Kindle without straining from glare
  • Protect people and furnishings from harmful UV rays (recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation)
Available in a variety of clear, light and subtle shades, you can create the space you want without compromising on comfort or productivity.

Want to be energy efficient and do your part?

We all have a role to play in achieving a net zero future. One impactful way to reduce our own carbon footprint is by investing in Sun Control Window Film – a tried-and-true solution that can help combat climate change right where you live and work.

As the world invests in the Building Renovation Wave, a sweeping effort to enhance the energy efficiency of our structures, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment. This initiative, backed by substantial financial support, demands swift actions that yield immediate results, steering us toward a greener future.

Window films stand as a powerful catalyst for these transformative changes. So, by adopting our solutions, you not only enhance your comfort but also contribute to the broader mission of sustainability.

Ready to take action?
Make a difference today. Choose Solar Control Window Film and step into a brighter, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient future.

Want to know more?
Visit our Carbon Management page for an in-depth exploration of Environmental Performance Declarations (EPD), insights into how window films can elevate Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for both domestic and non-domestic buildings, a closer look at Breeam, and a deep dive into life cycle assessment (LCA).

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