Why Every Business Needs a Successful Signage Strategy

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A successful signage strategy for a business is one that:

  • effectively advertises its brand
  • attracts customers through its doors
  • stands out and makes a memorable impact.

As you and I can see from this list, signage is obviously a very important part of a business’s overall marketing strategy, however, many businesses don’t tend to use it right.

Successful vs unsuccessful signage strategies

Every business needs a successful signage strategy because:

  1. It is essential to the effective running of the business
  2. It is essential to the consumer experience

A successful signage strategy would include both exterior and interior signs, directional and informative signs, signs that indicate facilities, and warning signs.

A university sign on a building

An example of this strategy would be for a business or organisation that has multiple departments, such as a university, where they would need clear directional signage throughout the exterior and the interior for both staff and consumers to navigate the premises. Important signage would also include entrance signs, department signs, facilities signs, and emergency procedure signs, all of which create an effortless and positive experience.

People tend to make rash decisions from their first impressions, especially when it comes to establishments, so having a successful signage strategy in place is essential to advertising your brand in the best possible light and to build trust with your consumers.

How to make sure that your signage strategy is successful

To ensure that you implement a signage strategy that will make the impact that you want, you will need to consider a few key things.


What types of signage do you need?

Walk through your premises and think about what signage you will need. Remember that less isn’t more here, signage is an important part of safety and efficiency, so you need to make sure that you have all the types that your business needs in place.


Think about their placement

The location of your signs is extremely important, especially when it comes to exterior signs, directional signs, and warning signs. Make sure that all of your signs are placed correctly as they are essential for the efficient function of your organisation and therefore its success


What design will have the most impact?

The design is everything from size and style to font and colour, so consider using a professional to help you design signs that are on-brand and of a high-quality. Think of your signs as your first impression that you have to make with your clients – you want to get this right first time.

Good signage has to be professional to get the results you want…

Putting up any old signs will do more harm than good for your business, so make sure that your signs are of a high-quality and that they all work together to create one successful strategy. If you need help with the design of your signage or developing an effective signage strategy, please reach out to us as we can help you get the results that you want.

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