8 Valuable Ways Window Graphics Can Benefit Your Business

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We are all guilty of one of two things when walking down the high street: either we tend to walk with our heads down, on a mission to get a specific thing that we need, or our heads are in the clouds and we aimlessly wander, oblivious to what is going on around us. While this is no problem for us, this is not good for the businesses around us. So what, if anything, can they do? They can try everything that they can to attract our attention!

Sometimes, all it takes is a bold and eye-catching window graphic to appeal to passersby and bring them inside. Once inside, your business can do the talking!

Getting over this first hurdle is essential for business, but if you’re still unsure whether you should invest in window graphics, here are 8 other benefits that it can provide!

Window Graphics Can….

Save you time and money

Window graphics are probably one of the most inexpensive ways to advertise, plus they start to work instantly so they are an invaluable addition to your business! As well as being an incredibly effective method of attracting potential new customers, window graphics are also quick and easy to install and easily removed. This means that you can update them as needed, whether your business has developed a different brand, you are offering new services, or you want appealing displays that match the season.

Give You Privacy

Window graphics can have multiple uses as well as advertising, such as providing your business with a comfortable working environment. Whether you need partial or complete privacy from a busy street or shade from the sun at certain times of the day, graphics with frosted effects can achieve the desired effect that you want whilst still wowing your customers from the outside.

A shop window with frosted window graphics

Increase your brand awareness

As said previously, your brand is essential to your business and can be very powerful when used right, so you need to be getting it out there in front of people as much as possible. With unique and eye-catching window graphics, you can do just that, ensuring that your company name and logo stay in your potential customer’s minds long after they’ve left you. After all, out of a plain shop front or one with a colourful and interesting window graphic that makes you stop to look at it, which one will you remember afterwards?

Promote what you have to offer

People aren’t going to know what special offers and promotions you have on unless you tell them, so display it on your windows and people literally won’t be able to resist. A well-placed window graphic can bring any curious passerby inside, so don’t underestimate the power of basic in-your-face marketing.

A shop window with graphics on it

Make your business look professional

When you build your business you build your brand and a great brand can be very powerful. We all know how much of an impact a brand can have on our buying habits, if you’ve ever bought Coca Cola over Pepsi or a branded t-shirt just because of that brand you’ll know firsthand, but why? Put simply, a brand that we know and like gives us comfort. We recognise it, we trust it and therefore we find it more appealing over others. By having your brand displayed on your windows, you are showing your new and existing customers that you are legit, professional and trustworthy.

Bring more people through your door

More people through the door equals more potential sales, so give yourself the best chance and increase your traffic with great window graphics. Most people walk past buildings with just a glance at a window front so an effective graphic needs to first capture their attention. Once it has done that, it needs to then pique their curiosity enough to bring them inside. A graphic that is offering a promotion, that is an interesting shape for them to work out, or one that partially blocks what is inside can be enough for them to come in just to see what you do.

A shop front covered in daisy window graphics

Improve customer experience

Window graphics are also a great way to improve your customer’s experience! By having graphics that tell people that a door is push or pull or to use the front entrance, you are making their lives easier, and therefore, them happier. You don’t want to be frustrating your new potential customers before you’ve shown them what you offer, so give them a good first impression to give your relationship the best start.

Help you stand out from your competitors

When the high street is lined with similar sized buildings and shop fronts, what makes your business stand out? What makes people come to you? With a unique and bold window graphic, you can make sure that your business isn’t lost amongst the others. You can even go the extra mile and put your decals on your company cars and vans!

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So, do you think that window graphics are worth the investment with these benefits that they offer your business? Often the simplest marketing efforts are the most effective, so if you want to maximise your message, increase your brand awareness and expand your customer base, this one easy change might be just what you need!



If you need any help or advice on what types of window graphics are best for your organisation, don’t hesitate to get in touch; we’d love to help! Applied Products has limitless cost-effective options, so we can help you ensure that your business stands out from the rest.

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