Can Window Graphics Benefit Your Business?


Window graphics are widely underestimated as a marketing tool for businesses, with many business owners unsure about whether they are worth the investment and the value they can bring. Once you know the many benefits they can offer, however, this way of thinking is crazy; not only are window graphics cheap and easy to use and replace, but they also start working their marketing magic instantly! 

We previously wrote a blog on the many benefits that window graphics can offer a business, such as:

  • Saving you time and money
  • Making your business look professional
  • Increasing your brand awareness
  • Providing you privacy and
  • Expanding your customer base

For all the benefits, see our blog 8 Valuable Ways Window Graphics Can Benefit Your Business, otherwise read on to see if your business can benefit from them.

Organisations That Can Benefit from Using Window Graphics

1. Retail Stores

Window graphics are an invaluable advertising tool when it comes to retail. In fact, they are often referred to as the “Invisible Salesman” because they are that effective!

Graphics can communicate anything you want to to your customers from promoting your discounts and sales and increasing awareness of new products or lines to directing your customers around the shop or informing them of your opening times for an improved customer experience. They can even be used to enhance your brand awareness if they complement your shop decor and brand colours! Whatever reason you can think of to use them, you can be sure that good graphics will make you stand out from the other shop fronts around you and bring more people through your doors!

a dress shop window2. Restaurants & Cafes

The food industry benefits greatly from using window graphics, as food always sells!

We’ve all seen Costa and Starbucks, windows full of their logo and whatever promotion that they are offering this season, and there’s a reason for it: it works! By having their logo branding their windows, they are increasing their brand awareness whilst also bringing your attention to their shop front and their interior. Once people can see the inside and your products, they are much more likely to want something and come inside. Restaurants and cafes can use window graphics to promote what they offer, maintain a professional establishment and stand out from competitors, all of which will get their brand recognised and expand their customer base!

A cafe window

3. Schools & University

Whilst schools and universities don’t need to necessarily market what they offer using window graphics, they can benefit from using them in other ways; having their logo on their windows gives the grounds a professional and polished look, whilst also symbolising community. This is an important sentiment that needs to be conveyed throughout the grounds of these organisations. Graphics can also be used to increase brand awareness and for ease of use of the grounds, such as directions, parking instructions and so on.

University building

4. Offices

Any office can benefit from using window graphics, especially offices that have windows that look out onto busy streets. Graphics can be used for the benefits that we have already mentioned for other organisations, such as for brand exposure, a professional look and to improve customer experience, but one of the major benefits for offices is privacy. You can have a unique frosted window graphic that takes up most of the window, giving you the necessary privacy and piquing the interest of passersby outside. People that are attracted by the graphic but can’t completely see inside are more likely to come inside to see what you offer.

A shop window with frosted window graphics

5. Any Business with Windows!

Obviously, there are many businesses and organisations that can benefit from using window graphics as all you need are windows! Use them to describe exactly what you offer, attract new potential customers and to make a memorable impact to build your brand awareness. What’s really great about window graphics is that they are cost-effective and easy marketing tools that are sure to give you a high ROI!



If you need any help or advice on what types of window graphics are best for your organisation, don’t hesitate to get in touch; we’d love to help! Applied Products has limitless cost-effective options, so we can help you ensure that your business stands out from the rest.

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