3 Reasons Why You Need to Think About Sun Protection at the Office (and How to Protect Your Staff!)

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When we think about sun protection, we usually imagine wearing sun hats and applying SPF at the beach. But did you know you can still suffer from sun exposure at work?

It’s true!

Despite popular belief, you can still develop adverse side effects like heat stroke whilst sitting at your desk.

So, what’s the solution?

Throughout this article, we’ll outline the importance of sun protection at the office before offering an effective (and inexpensive) solution!

Why you need to protect yourself from the sun at work

1. Excessive sunlight can hinder productivity

There are a few reasons why sunlight can hinder productivity. Firstly, and most notably, is the heat. Glass is a great conductor of heat – which (although favourable in the winter) can be a real pain point throughout the summer. Excessive heat can make employees feel uncomfortable, lethargic or even unwell.

Not exactly prime conditions for productivity!

What’s more, excessive sunlight can also cause screen glare. Now, you might not think this is much of a problem. But screen glare can limit visibility, detriment focus and damage your technology!

All in all, a lack of sun protection at the office can really set you back.

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2. Sun exposure can cause health issues

It’s not uncommon for employees to assume they’re safe from the sun when they’re sitting behind their desks. But unfortunately, this isn’t always the truth.

Excessive sunlight can seep through your windows, causing a multitude of health issues, from eye strain and headaches to heatstroke and skin cancer.

That’s right, UV rays can pass through your office windows!

Thankfully, all of these issues are avoidable. But only if you choose to invest in sun protection at the office (and no, we’re not suggesting you start offering SPF to your employees).

3. Refusing to pay for sun protection will cost more in the long run

You may be reluctant to pay for sun protection when summer seems so fleeting. But did you know that the cost of sun protection at the office can actually save you money?

It’s true!

When you combine the cost of air conditioning, the depleting productivity and the increase in sick days, the summer sun is costing your business a significant amount of money! And that’s if you can avoid replacing damaged equipment.

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Providing sun protection for your staff

If you didn’t before, now is the time to start viewing sun protection as a serious health and safety precaution. After all, you have a duty of care to yourself and your employees!

So, what is the best way to protect your employees from the sun?

The most efficient and cost-effective way to offer sun protection at the office is to install Solar Control Window Film. Simply apply it to your existing windows to filter out harmful UV rays, limit heat build-up by up to 85% and reduce glare by 95%.

Not only is the application process both quick and undisruptive, but the benefits last for 15+ years! So, if you want to protect your staff, promote productivity and cultivate a cool, comfortable workspace, we seriously suggest investing in our Solar Control Window Film.


It’s your duty to protect your employees

Whether you work alone or with an entire team of employees, it’s your job to protect everyone in the office from sun exposure. So this is your sign to start prioritising sun protection (and productivity) by installing window films. We promise the results will speak for themselves!

We at Applied Products offer one of the widest ranges of high-performance architectural window films in the UK…

If you need any help or advice on what types of window films are best for your house, company or office, don’t hesitate to get in touch; we’d love to help! Applied Products has a large range of specialist window films, so we can help you transform your room into a comfortable and productive space.

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