3 Reasons Why You Need to Think About Sun Protection at the Office (and How to Protect Your Staff!)

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We don’t think twice about protecting ourselves and our little ones when at the beach – we cover ourselves in sun cream, wear wide-brimmed hats, drink lots of water, and sometimes we even sit under parasols to avoid the sun altogether – so why should it be any different then when we are sitting at our desks? Why don’t we protect ourselves from the sun in the office?

It may seem like a ridiculous question, but just because we may work inside, doesn’t mean we are protected from the sun.

Here’s why you need to think about alternative sun protection, including how you can protect yourself and your employees.

Why you need to protect yourself from the sun at work

1. The sun reduces productivity

During the Summer months, the heat and glare from the sun create a very uncomfortable work environment. From hot pockets and overheating to fluctuating temperatures and screen glare, heat and glare make it very difficult to focus therefore greatly affecting employee productivity.

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2. It has a negative effect on health

Heat and glare may not sound like a major health and safety issue but it can cause problems that are completely avoidable. From eye-strain and headaches from working on a dimly lit screen to heatstroke and exacerbation of illnesses such as asthma, heat and glare can cause many unnecessary health issues.

Contrary to many peoples’ belief, harmful UV rays from the sun can pass through windows which increases the risk of developing skin cancer.

3. It costs money and energy

The cost of maintaining a cool environment in the office is a big one, however, it isn’t just air conditioning that costs businesses in the Summer. Think about all those health issues that we mentioned that were due to the sun’s effects, this results in lower productivity and an increase in sick days. Then there’s the issue of fading and other damage to furnishings and equipment that also costs.

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How to provide sun protection for your staff

Whether you run your business alone or you have dozens of staff under you, you should be thinking about sun protection as a form of health and safety. When it comes to both, you have a duty of care to yourself and to your employees.

One of the most effective ways to provide protection from the sun is to install Solar Control Window Film. This one product is easy to install with minimum disruption as you just apply it to your existing window glazing but it offers invaluable benefits for up to 15+ years.

As window film filters out harmful UV rays, reduces heat build-up by up to 85% and glare up to 95%, the product not only protects staff from the sun but it also creates a comfortable and functional workplace which boosts productivity.

It’s your duty to provide sun protection for your staff at work

Your employees take care of their own sun protection while at home or at the beach, but it is your responsibility to protect them while they are at the office. Make the step to protect the health of your workers by installing window film and benefit from its effects for many years to come!

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