Stay Warm and Save Big! How to save energy and money this Winter

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With skyrocketing bills, we are all looking for more ways to save energy. Especially during the winter months! Yes, it´s important to be environmentally conscious any time of year, but in today´s economy, it’s a necessary step towards managing our finances in these times of rising living costs.

As the temperature has dropped significantly this past week, and will only continue to do so, we are looking at some effective, yet often overlooked, ways to save energy and reduce those hefty bills.

The problem: tackling Winter heat loss through windows

Heat loss through windows is a major challenge during winter. To put it simply, up to 30% of heat is lost through our windows and to maintain comfort levels, our heating systems have to work harder for longer, which means they consume more energy. The result? Higher energy bills and a less efficient home. 

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Energy-saving solutions

Understanding and addressing this heat loss is key for homeowners who want to enhance energy efficiency and manage their costs more effectively. So if you want to reduce heat loss through your windows (and save energy and money in the process), here are two cost-effective solutions:

1. High-quality internal blinds

High-quality internal blinds are one solution to this problem. More than just window dressing, these blinds add an insulating layer, trapping warmth inside. The result of this layer is less warmth lost to the outside, reducing your heating system’s workload and leading to energy savings.

Why blinds? For a cosy, stylish home! Their variety in design and colour not only enhances your home’s look but also contributes to a more energy-efficient living space.

2. Low-E window film

Low-E window film is a cost-effective, long term solution which results in significant energy savings. While the product is a thin film applied to your existing glazing on your windows, it offers a inpenetrable shield that reflects the vast majority of internal heat back inside. This massively reduces the need for extra heating, allowing you to maintain a comfort level in your home without having to break your bank.

Why Low-E window film? This product is simple to install, it´s a cost-effective upgrade to your windows, and it leads to savings and comfort all year round. While the film keeps heat in during the winter, it also keeps the cool in (and the heat out) during the summer.

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Who benefits most from energy-saving solutions?

Energy-saving solutions like high-quality internal blinds and Low-E window film are versatile solutions for various users and buildings.

  • Homeowners enjoy lower energy bills and enhanced home comfort.
  • Landlords benefit from significant energy savings, whilst also ticking the sustainability box for eco-conscious tenants.
  • Site Managers in commercial spaces use these solutions to cut energy use and costs, improving work environments.
  • Quantity Surveyors find them key in managing building costs while meeting energy efficiency standards.
  • Educational Institutions benefit from lower energy expenses and better learning spaces.
  • Healthcare Facilities achieve patient comfort and controlled environments more efficiently.

These energy-saving options offer cost savings, environmental benefits, and comfort, making them a top choice across various settings.


Stay warm and save big!

Staying warm and saving big hinges on smart, sustainable choices like high-quality internal blinds and Low-E window film. These aren’t just winter fixes; they’re year-round energy savers, cutting costs and boosting comfort for homeowners to hospitals. Want to know more about your energy-saving options?

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