Commercial construction is a complex industry.You need to source high quality, durable products to ensure high standards of health and safety, but all within a tight budget for the project.

And then there´s finding the right sub-contractors for the job as well. Ones who are reliable and professional, and who can do a great job.

While it´s a difficult balance to strike, especially in hard economic times like today, it is possible if you work with a specialist supplier to the construction industry who can source the right products and all within budget.


High-quality signage is a vital part of any construction project. Both external and internal signage needs to be clear, easy to read and durable to convey critical information to building visitors.

Improve wayfinding

A good signage strategy should help workers and visitors alike navigate the construction site easily.

Improve communication

Signage is a cost-effective way to provide essential information about a building or space. For example, delivering clear instructions to visitors and customers.

Enhance your brand

Signage can be branded to raise brand awareness in a subtle, yet impactful way. It also helps give your project a professional look!

Improve visitor experience

Signage can provide a positive experience for visitors and customers, which reflects positively on your brand.

Window Film, Blinds & Cubicle Tracks

Provide quality installations for each sector including blinds and cubicle tracks for new build/refurb healthcare projects

Reduce energy costs

Retrofitting buildings with window film can help meet Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards and improve the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of a building. Window films improve energy efficiency by enhancing the properties of your existing glazing

Increase privacy and security

One-way vision and anti-shatter window film and blinds can protect your people and assets while looking attractive.

Improve comfort

Film and blinds allow you to control the light that comes into a space to create the desired aesthetic effect. Additionally, they reduce glare and discomfort due to the sun.

Price to quality ratio

All products are cost-effective, easy to install and maintain, and they last for many years without needing to be replaced.

Solve multiple problems

Whether window film or blinds, you can choose from a wide range of products that provide multiple functions

Glass Manifestations

Glass manifestations are vital for glass safety compliance, since all transparent surfaces in a public space need to be made visible to prevent injury or collision. However, there are offer so many benefits beyond that.

Protect people from injury

You have a legal responsibility to protect occupants and visitors from injuries caused by walking into areas of floor to ceiling glass.

Enhance your brand

You can get creative with your manifestations, either using various styles or making them on brand by using the organisation´s logo.

Comply with H&S regulations

There are specific requirements for areas of floor to ceiling glass and specification of manifestation markers applied. There is a minimum requirement for size and spacing of these markers.

Bespoke Printed and Cut Graphics

Graphics can transform any space from being bland to something unique and impactful. They can be easily cut and applied to almost any surface such as walls, floors, and glass, and this offers many benefits.

Elevate a space

Whether it’s the reception area of a building or a staff room or office, graphics…

Enhance your brand reputation

Graphics can be used to give a space a professional look, whilst also reinforcing your logo and brand values.

Improve the visitor experience

Whether it’s a meeting room on a construction site or consultation room in a new hospital build, graphics can be used to motivate and inspire or elicit calm and positive feelings.

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