Applied BioSilver Film

Say goodbye to bacteria with Applied BioSilver, a laminate material with antimicrobial agents.

This technically sophisticated and high-quality film provides effective and long-lasting protection for your public spaces, buildings and public transportation. It can be applied under any circumstances and in all locations with high sanitary requirements, such as clean rooms, cold rooms, nurseries, hospitals, food industries.

Applied BioSilver can also be applied to a variety of substrates as long as the target surface is clean, dry, smooth, non-porous and free from any traces of oil, grease, wax, silicone, or other contaminants.

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Applied BioSilver Film Uses

How it Works

Applied BioSilver inhibits the development of 99.99% of the germs tested* (tests in conformity with the ISO 22196 standard)

Germs settle on wet surfaces and need humidity to multiply. Over time these germs form what is called a biofilm on the surface. The removal of this biofilm is tedious and tiresome and the key to combating it is to prevent the formation of the biofilm in the first place. Applied Biosilver, when applied to clean surfaces, will do this for you.

Applied BioSilver film is waterproof, providing a barrier against humidity. It is also enriched with silver ions forming a two-pronged defence to the fight against germs. These silver ions are set free from the top layer when they meet humidity, for example when someone touches the surface. These reactive silver ions rapidly block and destroy bacteria, preventing them from multiplying and forming a dangerous biofilm.

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Product Characteristics

*Antiviral activity of our BioSilver film surface and non-active surface have been tested under conditions defined by the ISO 21702 (2019) adapted protocol for contact times of 15 and 60 minutes on the human coronavirus HCoV-229E recognised as a good substitute for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) which belongs to the same family of viruses and is more readily available for testing. The effectiveness of the BioSilver film specifically on COVID 19 is currently being tested by externals labs. Stainless steel surface is the control for this test. See our data sheet for full details.

With the safety of hundreds in your hands, don’t risk thinking that certain threats or accidents will never happen.

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