Bomb Blast Window Film: Everything You Need to Know

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What is Bomb Blast Window Film?

Bomb blast window film is a highly specialised window film that will absorb energy from an explosion, aiming to keep the glass in the frame to reduce injury. In the event of a bomb-blast or explosion, a single foot of glass can shatter into 200 sharp fragments, each of them potentially lethal, therefore it is absolutely essential that buildings at risk protect their most vulnerable areas: their windows. 

How does it work?

Here at Applied Products, we use 3M Ultra 600 Bomb-blast protection window film as it is a highly specialised and high-quality brand. Used together with 3M™ Impact Protection attachment systems, you can’t get much better explosion protection than this – but how does it work?

  1. The bomb-blast protection window film is installed on top of the glass in your building on the inside. All films are installed by our trained operatives and most come with a full 10-year guarantee.
  2. After 6 weeks, the film is fully cured and bonded to the glass using 3M’s strong acrylic adhesive system – this is what holds the glass shards together if broken.
  3. An attachment system is applied around the perimeter of the window to bond the film to the window frame – this aims to hold the glass in the frame.
  4. 3M’s Ultra 600 is thinner than other bomb blast films. This gives it the advantage of greater flexibility, thereby allowing the glass pane to flex more during the blast, absorbing the energy and holding the glass in place. It also means that, unlike other films, 3M’s Ultra 600 is 32 times more resistant to tearing (snapping in the event of an explosion) than any other safety film of equal thickness.

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With a range of bomb-blast films in terms of thickness, grades, and even aesthetics, you can choose an option that works best for your buildings and your needs. Without changing the way the building looks (unless you want it to) bomb-blast window film adds strength to your windows, ensuring that in the event of an explosion, shards of glass are held in the frame instead of being propelled through the air and causing serious injury.

What are the benefits of Bomb Blast Window Film?

3M Bomb-blast protection films have been extensively tested at independent testing facilities to ensure the best possible protection against criminal damage, bomb-blast, extreme weather or explosions. Protecting you against a variety of factors, the window film offers a variety of benefits:

  • Easy to Install
  • Increased Peace of Mind
  • Reduced Personal Injury
  • Reduced Collateral Damage
  • Impact Protection from Broken Glass
  • Superior Protection Against Forced Entry and Civil Unrest
  • Ease of Clear Up
  • Reduced Cost of Clear Up and Business Downtime
  • Added Privacy
  • Solar Control and Reduced Fading of Interiors

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Would my business need it?

Bomb-blast protection window film is recommended for ground floor windows, buildings that are considered high risk, Government offices and agencies as well as many commercial organisations, and any organisation that is concerned about the damage and injury that can be caused by a bomb blast on or near their property. With terrorist attacks becoming more and more frequent, many more businesses and organisations are choosing to implement bomb-blast protection for peace of mind and to ensure that their interiors and their staff/people on site are protected.

For a complete security strategy that protects your organisation and employees from modern threats, you should consider newer measures to ensure you’re aware and prepared for these threats. Nowadays, every organisation needs to consider implementing:

  • Bomb-blast Protection Window Film
  • Impact Protection Attachment Systems
  • Threat Awareness Training
  • Threat Drills

Protect your windows and reduce interior injury and damage with window film and prepare and train your staff to identify and respond to threat situations. Both of these measures are crucial to any business, as these outline a strong and effective threat management plan. If you want more information or advice about these security measures, get in touch with window film specialist’s Applied Products, or RGM Security Ltd for threat awareness training.

office buildingsBomb-blast Window Film – Yes or No?

Bomb-blast window film has the ability to halve the distance that a building’s glazing is safe from a lorry bomb to just 100 metres, so with this fact and the many other benefits that it offers, isn’t it worth reinforcing the weakest point of your business?


One of the country’s leading installers of bomb blast protection window films…

With 20 years’ experience and knowledge of blast and forced entry mitigation solutions, Applied Product’s can help you fit quality window films in your building at a significantly lower cost than replacing your existing glazing system, with minimum disruption to the building’s occupants.

We supply and install a range of specialist bomb blast and anti-shatter window films, so contact us for advice on the best solution for you or for a consultation service.

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