5 Reasons Why Every Business Needs Bomb Blast Protection Window Film

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In our last blog, we looked into bomb-blast protection window film, covering everything from what it is and how it works to the benefits it can offer and what organisations need it. To follow on from this, we now want to look more in-depth about the benefits of bomb-blast film to stress just how essential it is to modern security.

If you want to learn more about the film itself, read our blog “Bomb Blast Window Film: Everything You Need to Know” before continuing. Otherwise, stay with us and find out the top 5 reasons why every business needs it.

Bomb-blast Window Film…

Is Cost-Effective and Easy to Install

Window film gives businesses the sweet solution that we all look for: it’s within budget without compromising on the quality, it’s easy to install without disrupting operations, it’s zero maintenance, and its performance makes it worth the investment. Working with a window film expert such as Applied Products, you will see just how it easy it is to install quality window film when a technician visits your building and adds the film in no time.

Is an Essential Part of Your Security Strategy

The number one reason for implementing any security measure is safety. To ensure the safety of the people in and around your building is a top priority as an employer, so how do you do this? You put the best security measures in place. To make a strong security strategy, it is best to combine physical security measures (such as CCTV, control-access systems and physical barriers) with internal protection (such as threat awareness training for your employees) and external protection (such as bomb-blast window films which protect as well as adding privacy to prevent threats).

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Protection window film is just one cog in the machine that makes up your security system, so ensure it is a foolproof one and have all of your measures in place*.


**If you want more information or advice about these security measures, get in touch with window film specialist’s Applied Products, or RGM Security Ltd for threat awareness training.**


Keeps Staff, Visitors, and Occupants Safe

As mentioned above, keeping people safe is a top priority for employers and bomb-blast window film is one way to do that. In the event of a crime or explosion, glass in your building can shatter causing shards to fly at high speeds which can cause serious injury. To reduce the effects of this, or in some cases even prevent, bomb-blast window film adds strength to your windows, holding broken glass in place and reducing the risk of injury.

Protects Building Interiors

As well as people, glass shards can also do serious and costly damage to the building’s interior. From furniture and flooring to computers and other business assets, the effects of glass at such a speed can be devastating. To ensure the protection of your building interior and the information that your assets hold, mitigate the damage easily with bomb-blast protection window film.

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Saves You Money

Without security window film in place, in the event of an explosion, the damage can be overwhelming. With the interior ruined, businesses have to fork out a lot to restore and re-furnish, replace expensive equipment and repair serious damage, and all of this takes time which negatively effects business. With bomb-blast window film, you can dramatically reduce the cleanup costs and you won’t have to close your doors for an extended period of time. All of your glass can simply be replaced and new film added in no time and your day to day operations can resume as quickly as they stopped.


If you still don’t know whether to invest in bomb-blast protection window film, remember that it is cheaper than replacing your window glazing, it is easy to install with minimum interruption, and it fulfils your requirement for protecting your staff, your business and your assets. What more could you want from one product?


One of the country’s leading installers of bomb blast protection window films…

With 20 years’ experience and knowledge of blast and forced entry mitigation solutions, Applied Product’s can help you fit quality window films in your building at a significantly lower cost than replacing your existing glazing system, with minimum disruption to the building’s occupants.

We supply and install a range of specialist bomb blast and anti-shatter window films, so contact us for advice on the best solution for you or for a consultation service.

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