Cubicle tracks and rails form an important part of hospital infrastructure. Any hospital, regardless of whether they’re public or privately owned, needs to be able to separate areas and segment off the ward for patients. It’s important to give patients a sense of privacy and security.

Getting the right cubicle rail and track is where the challenge starts – there are a lot of choices. We’re happy to help you make the right decision, as we offer the best selection of cubicle tracks and rails for your hospital, care home or another medical facility.

What Are Cubicle Tracking Systems?

First, let’s do a quick recap of what a curtain track and rail are and why you need them.

The track and rail are simply mounted metal tracks that attach to walls and ceilings. You use them to hang or draw curtains as necessary. They’re a common part of hospital wards and are used most frequently to help partition off the spaces used.

With that being said, there are a lot of places where tracks and rails are getting used more and more. For example, they’re finding use in care homes and private medical practices.

There are three main types of curtain rail and track to explore. You’ve got hand-drawn, electric and cord-drawn models. Hand-drawn is more traditional and can be used anywhere, cord-drawn doesn’t require as much room to manoeuvre, and electric rails are good for modern buildings.

How Do You Identify Good Cubicle Tracks?

There are three main considerations for cubicle tracks and rails. These focus primarily on durability, infection control and functionality. A good track and rail will have a strong focus on these categories.

Our Rail and Track Systems

The rail track system that we’ve got is designed specifically for healthcare facilities. We’ve deliberately made it to be able to thrive even in the harshest environments. It’s made to be premium-grade and easy to look after – no maintenance required. 

What we’ve set out to do here is offer something which has been built around infection control. This makes it great for any clinical environment like medicine. The track and rails come with an antibacterial accreditation from BioSafe, which helps to stop infection and cross-contamination from ever being an issue.

Having a maintenance-free design means that you’re directly catering to the needs of healthcare workers in any industry because there’s so much less time spent cleaning curtains and changing them.

Some of the big key features of our tracks and rails include the following:

  • A flat-topped profile to prevent the need for a dust cover.
  • Roller runners are maintenance-free, so you don’t need any lubricant.
  • Bendable tracks that can be moulded to fit individual needs.
  • A press-slide curtain removal system which has been built for both ease and overall efficiency.
  • An antibacterial white powder coating designed to help limit cross-contamination.
  • A system which is quick and easy to install and looks good everywhere.
  • Plenty of colours and styles are on offer for maximum flexibility.
  • A lifetime warranty to guarantee customer satisfaction

Offering You Great Rail and Track Solutions

We strive to offer great rail and track solutions for any of your needs. They are an important part of any care provider or hospital, which is why you need to choose the right one for you. It’s important to take a look at all the different options that are available and get the best results for yourself.

Please feel free to speak to a team member – they would be happy to discuss the specific options that are available for you, and we also offer access to bio-disposable infection-control curtains if you need them.

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