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With the bitingly cold Winter weather that is just outside our doors, our homes are supposed to be our warm refuge where we can hunker down and escape the unfavourable temperatures. For many people, however, their houses aren’t as warm as they’d like and the attempts to keep turning up the thermostat aren’t giving them the desired result.

If this sounds like you, try stepping away from your thermostat and take a look at your windows. Here’s how you can make one simple change that makes a big difference to your warmth this Winter.

What is 3M™ Thinsulate™ Window Film?

Our windows, especially ones with inefficient glazing, let a lot of the heat we want to keep inside escape to the outside. So what can you do? Pay to replace all of your windows even though you can’t really afford it or keep increasing your heating in your home which is costing you money anyway?

There is a perfect cost-effective solution to keep you warm this Winter and that is 3M™ Thinsulate™ Window Film!

3M™ Thinsulate™ Window Film is a virtually clear insulating window film that can be placed on your windows to improve your existing glazing. It effectively turns a single pane window into a double pane or a double pane window into a triple pane by increasing insulation performance considerably! Not only does this keep the warmth in during the Winter but it also increases your energy efficiency and therefore saves you money too.

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Insulating Window Film: how it keeps the heat in and the cold out

For a product that makes such a big difference to our homes, it is quite surprising how simple it is when it comes to how it works. It’s as easy as this:

  • The 3M™ Thinsulate™ Window Film is applied to the inside of your windows.
  • ThinsulateTM invisible insulation technology helps retain the heat as the microfibers in the material trap air molecules between the film and the glass of the window.
  • This results in heat retention as radiant heat is reflected back into your home.
  • It also provides up to 99.9% UV rejection which reduces the fading of furnishings, extending their life considerably.


So there you go, an incredibly efficient insulator that can be applied to your existing glazing system on your windows cost-effectively. With insulating window film, your heating costs will be lowered considerably and you will be much more comfortable for it!


Want to know just how effective 3M™ Thinsulate™ Window Film is? We have an infrared imaging thermometer which takes pictures of your glass windows with and without the insulating film. You can see for yourself how the film causes an increase in glass temperature!


We at Applied Products offer one of the widest ranges of high-performance architectural window films in the UK…

If you need any help or advice on what types of window films are best for your house, company or office, don’t hesitate to get in touch; we’d love to help! Applied Products has a large range of specialist window films and as partners with The 3M Company, we can help you transform your room into a comfortable and productive space whilst also making it much more energy efficient.

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