The Ultimate Way to Optimise Learning in Schools

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Schools are very important and influential institutions; they shape the minds of tomorrow, teaching and sculpting generation after generation, giving rise to some of the best minds in history. When we think that we spend almost a quarter of our lifetime in school, it stands to reason that they must provide an environment fit for learning; a place where anyone and everyone can unlock their creativity and reach their full potential.

This should be a priority for many educational establishments, so here is the ultimate way that you can optimise learning in your school.

Printed graphics are key!

The best way to optimise learning is to use printed graphics to create an environment that is primed for education. Think about it, would you feel motivated to learn if you were sitting in a  plain grey room or one that is filled with colour and interesting graphics?

A working space is everything when it comes to performing at our best and an environment optimised for learning has a prominent impact on students.

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Printed graphics effectively communicate with students

An image says a thousand words and it can evoke emotions within us subconsciously, even just a colour can make us feel a certain way so imagine what unique graphics could do?

By placing meaningful graphics and illustrations on certain walls in your school, you can effectively communicate any subliminal message that you want to your students. How? Because visuals are incredibly powerful.

Did you know that:

  • Our brains process visual graphics 60,000 times quicker than text?
  • Visuals make up 90% of the information our brain receives?
  • Visuals are 43% more engaging rather than just text?

As visuals have been a dominant form of communication for humans for hundreds of years, they are the best way to effectively optimise a workspace for learning.

How printed graphics can optimise learning in schools

  1. They evoke emotions – visual graphics can influence students to feel motivated, determined and ready to learn. They can really help to focus the mind and prime it ready for learning. Do you have a school mantra? If you had it above the school entrance or above the door to the assembly hall, something powerful like “dare for greatness,” how do you think that would make students feel?Printed wall graphic of runners
  2. They stimulate imagination – bursts of colour and interesting illustrations can really fire young imaginations and when our imaginations are activated, this is where we unlock our creativity and innovation.
  3. They raise aspirations – our aspirations can stem from one key moment and schools should be the place where these hopes and dreams are made; graphics can play a massive part in this. Imagine a young child being fascinated by a big graphic of the human body in biology and deciding that they want to be a doctor or perhaps colourful graphics promoting sportsmanship in the school gym motivate students to perform their best and evoke this feeling of unity that makes them want to be a part of a team.
  4. They enable learning – 65% of the population are visual learners so utilising graphics in your school can actually facilitate learning. If you’ve got something like the periodic table covering the whole wall in your Chemistry room, if children are seeing this every time they have a lesson, they are much more likely to retain the information and be able to recall it later.
  5. They create an ideal environment for learning – the best environment for learning is one that stimulates creativity in students, evokes strong emotions to motivate them, and one in which makes them feel safe and secure. Often, the most powerful printed graphics are those which instil school values, build school pride and spirit, and those that support collective identity. All of these connect with students, faculties, parents, and visitors to help form a bond with the school.

Printed wall graphic of a tree

Do you want to help your students reach their full potential?

Whether you have a small reading corner or a whole section of the school that’s a blank canvas, we can help you transform your walls to create a fun, engaging and inspiring learning environment using printed graphics.

At Applied Products, we can help you create bespoke designs that make an impact and communicate the message that you want, all the while reflecting your branding and individual values of your school.

Get in touch with us today and add some ‘wow’ factor to your rooms, walls and doors.

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