How to Choose the Right Window Blinds for You


Choosing the right blinds for your home or office can feel like a daunting decision; so many blinds and so little time. But it doesn’t have to be.

Blinds can instantly change the atmosphere of a room, each one has its advantages and disadvantages, and your choice depends on whether you are trying to block light, conserve energy, or just need a little privacy.

To help you choose the right window treatment for you, here is a quick guide from us.


What do you want from your blinds?



If you need blinds for multiple rooms, Roman or Roller blinds are always a great option as well as Vertical blinds. Suitable for single, twin, or even floor to ceiling windows, Roller blinds are a great choice as they give you double exposure: maximum light when pulled up and minimum light when pulled down. Available in a variety of fabrics, you can make your windows the focal point of each room with made-to-measure Roller blinds.

A room in a building with tables and chairs


When it comes to practical blinds, Venetian and Roller Blinds are our top choice. Not only are they both easy to install, maintain and use, but they also have a protective coating that makes them suitable for moist environments such as in kitchens and bathrooms.

A modern kitchen


Style is subjective so we can’t recommend the best blinds for this category and it also depends on your space. For example, while Roman, Roller, and Swedish blinds have numerous fabrics that you can choose from to spruce up your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, other blinds such as Venetian or Vertical blinds may add more style to an office or living room.

A stylish living roomFunction

If it’s all about blocking out the light for you, then Venetian and Vertical blinds should be top of your list as they allow better control of the amount of light that you can filter. If you need even less light to be coming through, such as in your bedroom or office, then you may need Roller blinds paired with blackout lining and curtains. In rooms where you want natural light but not the glare or heat that comes with the sun, Solar Blinds are the solution! Perfect for your conservatory and commercial offices, these blinds provide comfort without changing the level of natural daylight.

A home office


Depending on the level of privacy that you want, any type of blind would be suitable. The only thing we recommend, however, is if you’re going for Roman or Roller blinds, make sure to pick a darker fabric as this won’t be as transparent when the sun shines throughout it. If you don’t feel like you have enough privacy, you could always pair your blinds with window film! For example, in an office building, you could opt for one-way vision window film which looks reflective on the outside but doesn’t affect the level of light or the views outside on the inside.

A building with reflective windows

**Important: Always read the safety precautions that come with your blinds**


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