Are You Utilising Floor Graphics in Your Business?

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We explored the benefits of Floor Graphics for any business in our previous blog “How to Enhance Your Interior Marketing with Floor Graphics” where we talked about how underrated and underutilised they are as a marketing tool. We still think this is crazy as they are cost-effective, semi-permanent, and have been known to increase sales by 20-30%, but while we could go on and on about this, this follow-on blog will be talking about the different uses for them.

How can you use floor graphics in your business to utilise your biggest marketing tool of all – your floor?

6 reasons to use floor graphics

Special Promotions & Advertisements

The most common use for floor graphics is to promote a sale, the launch of a new product or service, or to advertise special events taking place. As floor graphics are easy to apply and remove as needed, this makes them the perfect advertising tool for temporary or seasonal advertising. These types of graphics are commonly used in retail to catch the attention and inform customers of current or upcoming events and promotions which is incredibly effective as not all visitors would have seen it on the company website.


Sufficient directions and signage are needed in every business not just for the effective running of the business but for the customer experience too, as the majority of visitors or customers will want the convenience of being able to get to their desired destination as quick and easy as possible. Floor graphics can be used in the form of arrows or to label aisle categories in retail, to direct people around big establishments such as a university or school campus or a hospital, to direct cars in car parks, to instruct staff and visitors so they can navigate a warehouse or garage safely.

A green graphic indicating a walk way

Health & Safety

As business owners, you need to ensure that you comply with all Health & Safety legislation and this includes providing sufficient information, warnings, and instructions about how to minimise risk in the workplace. This is particularly essential in establishments where hazards are numerous such as warehouses or manufacturing environments. With so much foot traffic, many moving parts, dangerous machinery and operations, and hazardous materials or chemicals, floor graphics can be used to promote safety and remind employees of their responsibilities when operating in a certain area. As well as directional signs, your floor decals can highlight a hazard and remind staff about wearing specific safety gear when entering a marked area.

Privacy & Security

Do you have areas in your business that are only allowed to be accessed by certain staff members? In hospitals, factories or any large establishment, you may have areas that are restricted to the common public and certain staff, so using floor decals to mark these areas may be necessary. Normal signage sometimes isn’t enough to highlight a forbidden area, so floor graphics ensure that the area is clearly marked and can be seen by any passersby.

Brand Awareness

A lot of businesses are remembered by their logo, so why not paste it everywhere? Not only will this get in front of your potential customers and make it stick in their mind, but it will also ensure consistent branding to make your business look credible and professional. When people see your brand beneath their feet as they walk around the premises of your business, it also helps to build a relationship with them as they feel a part of what you are offering.

A floor graphic of a company logo

To be unique

Chances are, regardless of your business, you will need floor graphics for one of the reasons above. If you don’t, however, you may just want them to stand out from your competitors and to make a lasting impression with your potential customers. Anyway you can stand out the better and floor graphics are a great way to do this as they are versatile, replaceable, and you can get as creative as you want with them.


So, are you utilising floor graphics in your business? People are becoming desensitised to traditional advertising methods such as posters, so consider advertising in a way that they can’t ignore and will definitely remember!



Take your marketing to the next level with Applied Products

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Whatever message you intend to communicate for the people walking on your floors, we can help you get it seen in a way that is both cost-effective and low maintenance.

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