How to Enhance Your Interior Marketing with Floor Graphics

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Floor graphics are a widely underrated and underutilised marketing tool in the business world, which is crazy as it has been said that they can help increase sales by 20-30%!

To help you make the most of them in your business, here is a quick guide below.

The potential of floor graphics

Floor graphics are non-slip vinyl decals you adhere to the ground which can be used on a variety of material in the interior and exterior of your business. You can use them for practical purposes, such as giving direction, for brand awareness, to advertise a product, service or offer, or even just to enhance your customer experience and make a memorable impression.

Floor graphics give a new dimension to an otherwise bland surface and if they are creative, innovative and unique, they can provide your business with many benefits.


The benefits of floor graphics

Floor graphics grab attention

While other products such as window graphics and signage increase foot traffic through your door, floor graphics tackle your next challenge: to keep your potential clients inside. By putting whatever message you want to get across on your floor as a graphic, directly in the line of sight of your customer, you are ensuring that you can’t be ignored. People tend to pay much more attention to the ground (especially in this modern age where we are always looking down at our phones), so floor graphics will make much more of an impact than say a poster on the wall.


They are great for your branding

To create a well-rounded signage strategy, you could add floor graphics of your logo around your premises. Not only does this look very professional and increase brand awareness, but you can also place them at the exact points where your customers make their purchasing decisions. Ever heard of subliminal messaging? Suggestion is a powerful thing.


They can increase sales by 20-30%

As I said above, there have been reports that floor graphics can increase sales by 20-30% by influencing buying habits. As we naturally pay attention to the ground, floor graphics can be used to focus our attention first by novelty and then later by relevant messages as we’re speaking to staff. When our attention is focused, as opposed to skimming over something and barely registering it, the content becomes relevant and impacts a customer at the point of decision. Think of your floor graphics as that little voice in your customer’s head saying “you know you want to…”

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They are very versatile

As well as all the marketing benefits, floor graphics are also incredibly easy to apply and they are very low maintenance. This means that you can use them to your advantage! As your business develops and you rebrand, or even if you have a different offer every season, floor graphics can be easily removed and reapplied to stay in line with your message aiding the growth of your business.


They make your business memorable

Humans process images a lot faster than words and we can remember them much easier, so graphics are a powerful thing when it comes to making a lasting impression. Get creative with your floor graphics and you can make sure that your business is never forgotten. Imagine making the floor look like waves washing in on the shore or even like part of the floor has broken off to reveal the edge of a building with the street far below, people will revel in the effect. Make an impact that gets talked about and remembered.


Take advantage of your largest and most underrated communication asset: your floor.

Maximise your floor graphics and enhance your business with Applied Products. We can produce floor graphics to be used for both internal and external applications, with a number of specialist materials available. The possibilities for your business are endless!

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