6 Creative Ways to Use Graphics in Your Business

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The power in marketing comes from being in front of potential customers all the time so that when they are ready to buy, they think of you. With this in mind, you need to ensure that all of your efforts first attract their attention and second, they make a memorable impression so that they remember you.

It’s this second stage of marketing that is really difficult to achieve, but one way that you can give yourself the best chance possible is to use vinyl graphics throughout your business. By having your logo and brand in as many places as possible, you are staying in front of your potential customer all the time.

Here are 6 creative ways that you can use graphics in your business.

1. Mobile Advertising

Do you have a vehicle fleet in your business or a company car? If so, why not utilise these and design some unique graphics for the doors or windows? Mobile advertising ensures that your logo and promotions will be seen by many so they are great for brand awareness and client reach.

2. Lobby and Window Graphics

How are you going to get potential prospects through the door? Although your hard work doesn’t stop there, it’s the first step in closing a sale. One subtle way you can do this is via lobby and window graphics. Not only do they create a professional look and add credibility to your business, but they also elicit interest and make a memorable impression.

Design tip: create graphics that reflect your brand or even consider printing your mission statement for all to see.


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3. Wall and Floor Graphics

Just like your lobby and windows, your walls and your floor can be utilised too to communicate any message or advertisement that you wish. From improving the aesthetics of your business and eliciting certain feelings and emotions in your potential customers to improving the customer experience and providing important information, you can design graphics that satisfy all of your needs.

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4. Seasonal Advertising

Do you have certain promotions in certain seasons? Or perhaps you have a new product or service that is being launched? As vinyl graphics are easy to apply and remove, this makes them a great solution for temporary or dynamic advertising; they are also cost-effective too, so this means that you won’t miss any possible advertising opportunities.

5. Online Graphics

For some organisations, such as charities, schools or universities, you can utilise graphics in your digital marketing methods too. How about designing stickers or other materials with your logo on them that pupils or supporters can download and print straight from your website? This is a fun and effective way of spreading your message and getting your brand seen.

6. Graphics for Merchandise

Remember what we said about being in front of people as much as possible? One of the best ways to do this is by creating products that are useful to your potential or even existing customers. An example of this is notepads; if you design and print notepads that have an inspiring or funny message on it with your logo, you can be in front of those customers and every person they come into contact with all the time.

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There is so much power in printed graphics when it comes to marketing, so if you can, use them in as many areas of your business as possible!


Stand out, spread the word, and secure more sales with printed graphics

Applied Products can help you to design and create unique graphics that get your business’s brand and message out there in as many dynamic ways as possible. As well as advertising, these graphics can boost the aesthetic look of your business too, so please get in touch if you need help or advice with how you can make the most of this invaluable marketing tool!

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