6 Creative Ways to Use Graphics in Your Business

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Marketing can make or break a business. Do it well, and you can attract new customers, expand your audience and increase your sales. But get it wrong, and you’ll struggle to scale your business.

So, what is the secret to effective marketing?

Well, the best marketing strategies ensure your brand is always visible to your prospective clients (whether that’s in person or online). So, to help you expand your reach and raise awareness around your company, we have outlined 6 different ways to use graphics in business:

1. Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising isn’t exclusively for big brands or global businesses. In fact, it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to use graphics in business! So small businesses – take note!

Adding your logo to a company car or van is an amazing way to raise awareness for your brand (especially in your local area). You can add as much detail or information as you like – just make sure it’s eye-catching and easy to read.

2. Lobby and Window Graphics

One of the biggest challenges when attracting new customers is getting them off the street and into your storefront. Thankfully, lobby and window graphics offer a subtle yet effective advertising solution.

With a huge selection of designs to choose from, these graphics can:

  • Establish your brand imagery (logo, colour scheme, fonts etc.)
  • Effectively communicate your company values
  • Spark interest with striking visuals
  • Enhance your company’s credibility

Design tip: consider printing your mission statement for all to see.

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3. Wall and Floor Graphics

Make effective use of your wall and floor space by communicating brand messages, creating advertising campaigns, displaying products or even sharing testimonies.

Alternatively, you can utilise graphics to add visual interest, create atmosphere or evoke an emotional response from your customers.

The aim is to maintain your client’s attention once they enter your store. After all, an exciting and enjoyable customer experience is essential to attracting and winning new business.

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4. Seasonal Advertising

Seasonal advertising is (without a doubt) one of the most festive ways to use graphics in business.

But is it worth the money?

If your company provides seasonal offers or discounts, then the answer is (without a doubt) yes! However, because vinyl graphics are so easy to apply and remove, they offer an incredibly dynamic (temporary) advertising opportunity for any business – sale or no sale.

5. Online Graphics

Online graphics help to establish your brand, so your company is recognisable across various platforms and mediums. They are imperative to creating a successful digital marketing campaign and significantly increase your credibility (especially if your business is exclusively online).

So, what are some digital ways to use graphics in business?

Well, you can create free online resources for your website or social media platforms to share your knowledge or expertise. Alternatively, you can make promotional products like stickers for people to print, download or purchase.

The main thing is to include your company logo in all of your online graphics – otherwise, you won’t gain any recognition for your efforts.

6. Graphics for Merchandise

To successfully stand out against your competitors, you must offer your customers additional value. A simple way to do this is by providing free merchandise.

Tokens like pens and notepads are idyllic because they’re used so frequently. So every time a customer picks up your branded notebook or pen, they will be reminded of your business.

It sounds simple, but investing in branded merchandise really is an impactful (yet inexpensive) marketing technique!

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Stand out, spread the word, and secure more sales!

Whether you’re looking to rebrand your business, spruce up your storefront or add some excitement to your social media, high-quality graphics have the power to totally transform your business.

So let us help!

We can design graphics to perfectly suit your brand, so you can effortlessly attract your target audience and start expanding your business.

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