BioSilver Film: Preventing the Spread of Infection from Surfaces

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As a result of 2020, everyone now knows three big things when it comes to infection and viruses:

  1. Viruses spread through touch,
  2. Viruses can survive on surfaces for hours to days,
  3. Viruses are more likely to be attached to high-traffic services (e.g. buttons, door handles, light switches etc).

While these facts were true way back when, they have never been so prominent as they are now due to this pandemic. This pandemic that has lasted a year and isn’t ending any time soon.

If businesses, organisations, public spaces, and public transportation, all want to operate ‘normally’ again, they need to be putting measures in place to ensure people’s safety. Measures such as BioSilver Film. 

People have never been so aware of touching surfaces, so to completely prevent the spread of infection, here is a product that you need to implement.

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What is BioSilver Film? 

Applied BioSilver Film is a clear, waterproof, antimicrobial film that can be applied to almost any surface. Acting as a barrier against humidity, it prevents bacteria from being able to stick to and stay on these surfaces.

How does it work?

Using a door handle as an example (since it’s a high-contact area).

When covered in BioSilver Film, if someone touches this door handle and they have infectious viral particles on their hands, these particles won’t be able to transfer onto the handle surface.

How? Because the film is enriched with silver ions. 

When germs settle on wet surfaces, they need humidity to multiply. Therefore, BioSilver Film has a two-pronged defence to the fight against germs.

Firstly, the film is waterproof so no water particles can settle on the surface. Secondly, when someone does touch the surface, silver ions are set free from the top layer of the film. When they come into contact with any germs, they rapidly block and destroy the bacteria, preventing them from attaching to the service and multiplying to form a dangerous biofilm.

viral particles

Has it been tested?


Antiviral activity of the BioSilver Film has been tested under conditions defined by the ISO 21702 (2019) adapted protocol for contact times of 15 and 60 minutes.

It has shown to be effective against the HCoV-229E strain, preventing it’s attachment to surfaces and it’s multiplication.

While the results for the COVID-19 strain are still pending, HCoV-229E is recognized as a good substitute for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 )which belongs to the same family of viruses. It can therefore be assumed that the action on the COVID-19 strain should be similar to that on HCoV-229E.

Eliminate the spread of infection in your workplace

The key to combating germs on surfaces is to prevent them from being able to stick to them in the first place! By applying BioSilver film to all high-contact areas in your workplace, you can completely eliminate this route of transmission and therefore, ensure the safety of everyone who walks through your doors.

BioSilver film is easy to apply, easy to maintain, and it lasts for up to 5 years! Get in touch with us now to find out more about how you can benefit from this product.


With the potential safety of hundreds in your hands, don’t risk thinking that certain threats will never impact you and your business.

Contact us about Applied BioSilver Film today to help combat the unseen threats around you. 

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