The versatility of self-adhesive film

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Self-adhesive film is a strong and durable material that can be applied to a variety of surfaces to offer protection. Protection from things like: scratches and abrasions, vandalism, shattering, UV damage and fading, normal wear and tear, and even viruses! It’s true. This cost-effective product can be specifically designed for various applications and will vary in style, thickness, material, and adhesive strength, depending on the results you want. Here are the 3 main uses of self-adhesive film.

The 3 main uses of self-adhesive film


When applied to existing window glazing or smooth surfaces, this durable and cost-effective product can provide a great deal of protection to many businesses and commercial properties. For example:

  • Security film – shatter-proof window film or anti-vandalism window film can prevent damage to windows and delay the breaking and entry of any opportunistic criminals. There’s even bomb blast window film! Watch our video here to see just how strong a deterrent window film is.
  • Privacy film – one-way vision window film or frosted window film prevents people from outside of your property from being able to see in. This protects your stock and workers by acting as a deterrent measure.
  • Health & safety filmBioSilver Film is a new product that completely prevents the spread of viruses from surfaces. When applied to any high traffic surface (such as door handles, bannisters, light switches, touch screens, desks etc), this film prevents bacteria from being able to stick onto the surface and then to anyone who touches that surface thereafter.

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BioSilver Film: Preventing the Spread of Infection from Surfaces


While protection is a major benefit of window film, other benefits include solar control. If you have a conservatory, you’ll know first hand how bad it can get without any protection from the sun. In the winter, the room is too cold to use, and in the summer, it’s way too hot. When the temperature is just right, you then get the glare from the sun and over time, the sun fades all the furniture in the room. Sounds like a nightmare and it is.

In businesses and commercial buildings, this heat and glare can seriously affect productivity, so that’s where self-adhesive film comes in.

  • Solar film /anti-glare window film solar control, thinsulate, and anti-glare window film, all help you to regulate your interior temperatures and decrease your energy use. In a nutshell, they prevent heat loss from windows in the winter (saving you money on heating bills) and they prevent heat from entering through windows in the summer (saving you money on air conditioning). As they are specialised for solar control, they also filter out 99% of harmful UV rays, giving you natural light without the fading!

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Self-adhesive film can be used on far more than your windows and door handles and switches, they can be applied to almost any interior surface to give it a new breath of life. Available in a huge range of materials, textures, and colours, self-adhesive film can completely transform and restore your space.

  • DiNoc Architectural Finishes – whether it’s one piece of furniture or a whole office space, when applied to the surface in question, DiNoc Architectural Finishes can make what was once old and used appear brand new. Replacing furniture or renovating a space can take a lot of time, cause a lot of disruption to operations, and it can cost a lot of money. With DiNoc film, it’s cost-effective and convenient for you.

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Protection that’s affordable

As you can see, self-adhesive film is very versatile but it has one major benefit at its centre: protection. You can use it to reinforce your windows; to protect against breaking and entering, to protect your workers and your assets, and to protect your interiors from fading and general wear and tear. What’s even better is that it’s quick and easy to apply and it’s completely affordable too.



If you need any help or advice about how self-adhesive film could benefit your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch; we’d love to help! Applied Products can help you improve the running of your business whilst also helping you keep yourself and your employees safe.

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